Do Epworth Heights residents pay property taxes?

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Do you have any specifics on the contributions that the Church Association of The Epworth Assembly Inc. made to local charities Aquaman?

I took a quick look around and couldn't find any info.

Just as Willy stated there are numerous "religious camps" all over the state of Michigan.  These "religious camps" hide so to speak under "religion, to avoid paying taxes."

Perhaps, years ago this was allowable for tax relief.  Times have changed....and now these "religious camps," which are no longer affiliated as a religion still continue to benefit from being a "religious organization," with tax exempt status!  Not the least!  Somebody is carrying the weight for Epworth, and the rest of these "religious organization's."

Further, IMHO the descendants of these "grand-fathered" camps are oblivious to the history.  They present as a snobbish, secret society...thus the guards at the gate to prevent curious outsiders. 

From what I understand shinblind, numerous supporters of Epworth claim it's been printed recently and often in the LDN for the public to view. I really doubt that they are printing the actual dollars. Furthermore, when pressed on specifics, they say community meals, counseling, homeless, hospice, food giveaways. When I inquired where and when at Epworth the dates and times were, the response is, not there, but to Lud's. various charities. So, again we come back to the secrecy and vagueness of their actual actions and deeds. It's certainly not there at the Church, nor on Epworth properties. Since they own about 100 acres on Lk. Michigan, they have a large assembly center, you would think some of these precious deeds would be there, but, they are NOT! And to ask why, is to be stoned to death for the asking. A man named Steve Hunt says they are not a church now, and all pay more than their fair share of taxes, or more for being non-residents and non-homesteaders. This was covered in a FB forum named Vanished Ludington, where many are directly members or friends of Epworth residents, and steadfastly defend and criticize anyone asking snoopy questions, or making comments contrary to their propaganda. 

Aquaman according to their website they own 250 acres not 100 acres. Also listed were 7 tennis courts, a 9 hole golf course. They use to list a marina but that might be a victim from when Lake Michigan water levels fell. Maybe they will revive it with the rising water levels, who knows.

Tell Steve Hunt if the non-resident  non-homestead tax burden is more than he can bear, to instead claim his residency here. Problem solved.

I wonder if they are that vague when they list their charitable contributions at tax time or if their recollection suddenly improves. 

Yup, here we go again with another outsider, JohnnyW, telling me about Epworth, and to attend their church. Johnny Baby, I used to live a block away from Epworth growing up, many years ago, and have had many visits to all their grounds, church, sports activities, and peoples' involved. I doubt your short-lived time here could have 1% of my experiences with them, and knowledge of their Heritage. But, thanks again for trying to give another advice on something before you yourself even know that information.

For what it is worth, no defense of the behavior of many Epworth owners is coming from me. 

As far as I know, the tax status of the land has not changed in the last 130 years. The church assembly is alive and well. There are separate ruling bodies for the assembly--responsible for religious services and booking guest ministers, and raising money to keep church property from falling down--and for the resort, governing things like the little golf course, traffic restrictions, parking, activities for kids, etc. 

Someone mentioned the restrictions on alcohol. At one time, alcohol was prohibited on the grounds. Finally, to make the rule match behavior, it was changed. Now, alcohol is prohibited outside one's cottage. In the privacy of the cottage, imbibe away.

It troubles me to see Epworth owners "other"ed as they are here, yet I know plenty of owners who deserve it and who return the favor by treating year-round residents as ""less than". My wife and I know better. We are friends with a number of people who we came to know from shopping or eating where the folks worked. We love touching base when we get to the area in the summer. Sadly, since my wife's stroke two years ago, we have not visited. I hope we are able to visit again in the years to come.

We see all of the large industrial buildings north of downtown which herald back to the booming, working town Ludington was, when there were several craft like the Badger carrying more than just tourists back and forth across the lake to multiple Wisconsin destinations. It is apparent that winter life in many towns along the lake is difficult and employment insufficient.


Thanks for sharing you unique perspective of Epworth, from the inside.  I have had a pleasant opportunity to visit Epworth a couple of times during the summer as part of the LFD to let their kids look at the apparatus, play with some of the equipment and shoot the hose.   Seems like a nice place that is able to take care of itself without a lot of excess politics and tax/fee imposing like there is in Ludington.  

I laughed out loud when I read your last sentence, XLFD! Epworth is a nexus for all manner of internal intrigue. There are definite power players and powerless ones among the owners. We only find out after the fact that there has been some battle over expenditures or rule changes. 

I guess I should have figured as much, even way-back-when there were snakes in paradise.

I just learned that the resort is in a sorry state now because of the combination of rain and rising lake levels. Some roads are underwater. The beach all along resort property is either completely gone or nothing but rocks. Fortunately, the city beach is in decent shape, as is the state park north of Ludington and Epworth (based on my brother-in-law's observation).

A little off subject....  My family lived year round at Epworth Heights in the late 40s, early 50s...  MANY stories there,,,

First, some of the residents were jerks and "entitled" but most were incredibly nice and inclusive...even for us locals.

I do have a question for all of you,  Does anyone have ANY information on the Casino in Epworth in the early 1900s???

I have pictures but, when I lived there, it was the "Beach House" and where we bought our Ice Cream Cones..

Obe Jr.

I haven't found any additional information about the casino other than it existed, but these two pictures/postcards circa 1900-1910 were probably taken during that time it was around, you may have already seen these.  The hotel being to the left, the 'beach house' to the right.


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