Spence Riggs at the last city council meeting on July 13 made a proposal to the city leaders to be more inclusive as to where dogs would be allowed on the beach in the city limits.  Currently, there exists a dog beach in a little armpit beach just south of the Loomis Street Boat launch.  Riggs, representing the group Mason County Mutts (MCM), a self-professed "non-profit organization that advocates, rescues and cares for animals within our community", requested that the city allow dogs to legally utilize the beach facilities between the west end of Ludington Avenue and the north breakwall that the lighthouse is on.  Here is a map showing the applicable areas, north is to the left:

This proposal by MCM allows some strict stipulations to apply in this area.  First, the dogs must remain on a leash while in this area.  Second, the owners would be responsible for the clean up of dog waste in the area.  Third, violations of the first two stipulations, and other city laws involving dogs, would be enforced.

MCM would for its part would fund the signage for this dog accessible area and provide a dog waste receptacle.  Furthermore, it would pay for replacement waste bags and do a beach sweep up to two times a month.  The City itself would be responsible for enforcement of the laws and emptying the waste receptacles, when needed; they alone would benefit from the fines received. 

The city manager and the Parks Committee has reviewed the Mason County Mutts proposal over the last two weeks and have come back with a reply where City Manager John Shay has expressed that he 'feels' this use of the beach would be ill-suited for the population overall:

Before proffering the question as to how you feel about a dog beach in that area, I would just like to point out that this area in question for the new dog beach coincides with the area that is to be used for the first phase of the West End Project, the concrete walkway between the breakwall and Ludington Avenue.  If the project ever gets Michigan DNR Trust Fund money coming in to help build it. 

Shay and the Parks Committee obviously know this fact and seem to overlook explaining their desire for this half of a million dollar project and Mr. Riggs simple request may clash.  Seeing dog poop containers, signs, and dogs doing their business on the beach, is not something they want in the limited amount of beach left in that area if the first phase is ever funded.

What is hopeful is that Shay, and by extension the City's Parks Committee, admit that this area of beach is precious to those locals who want quietude and calm waters, something they have turned a deaf ear on during the public's almost unanimous decrying of the project in wanting to keep that area intact and as it is.

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I know, I know there are responsible dog owners but I have seen to many irresponsible owners not to believe X's picture will be the norm. Tourists come here to "use" what the Ludington area has to offer and providing them with another place for their animals to sh_t and bother beach goers is not a good idea. I see a lot of kids swimming at the area proposed for dogs because it is a shallow and safe area for parents to keep an eye on the kids. Running dogs there will definitely interfere with other users.

I got as far as # `0 and that was enough for me. Another waist of public money. Who thinks up these things?

In defense of dog owners, not of this idea for an extended dog beach, please reflect on the following. Many dog owners do consider their dogs as their kids, so to speak. Why? Well, there are a number of valid reasons. There are many lonely people that need a companion. They may have no living family left. They may never have been married nor had kids. They may need the dog for service duties. They may be adopting dogs that are at the kennel ready to be destroyed because nobody wants them. They may need the dog for herding or other farm/agricultural related work. They may need a dog for security and safety. Or they may just need a dog to cope with the rigors of life, as a stress relief outlet. When any or part of these factor into dog ownership, you can see why some call the dog their kids. Dogs are not just dogs to many many people, they are much more. 


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