In case you didn't catch it live, here is a link to the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump:

What are your impressions, points, and feelings about it?

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Didn't watch, so, no comment on the debate. Brad, this is not about Trump vs. Hillary. It's about the direction our Government will be taking. Make a list of pro's and con's for each candidate and you will see that Hillary's past and present policies will doom America. Even not voting for either candidate is a vote for Hillary, in my opinion. She is trouble with a capital T.

I kinda wonder if Hillary would have said she would have called Trump to concede that she had lost the election before all the votes were in. I guess we will never know.

Yeah, that question Wallace offered up to Trump was another rigged zinger, about a theoretical situation that isn't going to occur. Yet, they have to get some reply for that stupidity. Disgusting!


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