Media censored seven hate crime mob attacks in Grand Rapids

Media censored seven hate crime mob attacks in Grand Rapids

Charleston Conservative Examiner

You didn't hear about this is the media, but on the weekend of March 24th and March 25th at least seven white people were brutally beaten by mobs of blacks in Grand Rapids, MI. Five of the victims filed police reports. At least two other victims exist, and there are probably others. The local media has refused to report the cruel attacks and the authorities are resisting any serious charges.

I talked with one of the victims, 37 year old Jacob Palasek. He is a full time student and does computer work part time. He was attacked by a wolf pack of thugs on the corner of Sixth Street and Broadway in Grand Rapids, Michigan just after midnight on March 25th. The location is a mix of stores, offices, and residential neighborhoods. Jacob lives near where he was attacked.

As he was walking to his apartment, he saw three black males loitering. One was on a bicycle. The suspect on the bicycle rode up beside him. Suddenly the thug smashed him in the side of the head with a chain. He was hit two or three more times in the head with the chain before he broke loose and ran to the nearest home. He knocked on the door, hoping the owner would call the police.

All three of the black males then attacked him on the porch. They yelled “this is what you deserve you white piece of shit.” Jacob was hit in the head with the large chain more times. Jacob broke free again and hid behind a dumpster. The attackers initially chased him, but broke their pursuit and walked away. There were some cars driving by and the thugs may have thought a driver was calling 911.

All seven known victims were attacked within about six blocks of where Jacob was attacked. The victims were in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. Some of the victims were attacked during the day in broad daylight.

Jacob believes he could have died if he was hit with the chain more times. He still has bad headaches and has not been able to work since the attack. Jacob doesn't have insurance and can't afford the correct medical treatment. His landlord is now threatening to evict him from his apartment. Since he was not able to work, he has missed a rent payment. A victim's relief fund is planning to give him a small amount of money. However, police did not even tell him the fund existed so he applied very late. He is still waiting on the help.

The police listed aggravated assault with a weapon and ethnic intimidation, Michigan's state hate crimes law, on the police report. Jacob identified two of the perpetrators. However, police have told Jacob that the thugs will get off easy because they are only 17. Police told him that the thugs will not serve time in prison for the brutal hate crimes.

Police said that the suspects will not be tried as adults. They will only face juvenile boot camp instead of prison. A detective told Jacob that they believe all the attacks were racially motivated. The detective also told Jacob that he believed the Trayvon Martin media frenzy is what prompted the attacks. Jacob also believed that the thugs were seeking revenge for Trayvon Martin before the detective confirmed this belief.

To add insult to injury, not a single media outlet in all of Grand Rapids reported the brutal hate crimes. Jacob has contacted the local paper and his local news affiliates repeatedly. None will report the story. He has also contacted numerous politicians, none of whom has helped.

He even wrote to US Rep. John Conyers. Conyers is a black US rep from Detroit who was a co-sponsor of the Federal Hate Crimes Act. The exact stated purpose of the Federal hate crimes act was to help people like the victims in Grand Rapids. When someone is a victim of a violent racially motivated attack and the local authorities won't pursue serious penalties, the DOJ is supposed to pick up the slack and apply Federal hate crimes charges.

Eric Holder, who heads the DOJ, says he is investigating ways to charge George Zimmerman with a Federal crime. Think Eric Holder will concern himself with the white victims of horrific hate crime mob attacks in Grand Rapids?

For the past two years black on white racially motivated mob attacks have been occurring in the United States weekly. Local media outlets typically only have little blurbs about them and censor all mention of race. Numerous major media outlets now openly admit to having a policy of..., so as not to “stigmatize” black people. Political correctness supersedes public safety. The response from the authorities has been one of constant downplaying. None of the perpetrators are ever charged with a hate crime.

Now it has reached a point where the media in some markets are refusing to even report black on white hate crimes. How many other horrific black on white hate crime mob attacks are going on that we have never heard about?"


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The Treyvon Martin shooting is becoming the backdrop of a variety of black against white hate crimes taking place all over the country, reportedly.  If we are to label certain crimes as racial hate crimes, the law must be equally applied no matter what the color of the skin of the racist. Zimmerman has recently been experiencing what appears to be reverse racism in the zealotry of his persecutors.

If it is not possible to apply the law equally, then get rid of the concept of a hate-crime.  If someone shoots at you intending to kill you, what difference should it make if they did it because of skin color? 

The media is a funny thing anymore.. just read a story at the USA Today website yesterday about a hispanic person that was killed by a black man who then claimed a "stand your ground" defense and has yet to be charged or arrested... obviously a very similar situation to the Treyvon Martin case. Oddly enough of course, the race baiters have stayed out of that incident.

The current President praised and promoted the anti-racial attitude and conduct since taking elected office. However, the tensions and actions of many, as this thread clearly shows, has only escalated in many areas, and doesn't appear to have improved at all in the last 3 years, but only get worse. And this President has not stepped up to the plate to put recent actions like this in the spotlight for refutation, but has stayed on the sidelines and watched as racial tensions escalate in silence mostly.

Down here in Chicago you get reports of ethnic gang attacks on white people just because of there skin color but the newspapers don't cover it and the police will tell you they don't want to deal with it because of the blowback.

There's going to be a race war if the authorities and news agencies don't do their jobs. There are a lot of people who are getting sick of the Governments one sided justice when it comes to attacks on whites. Since Obama took office I have seen a downward spiral in race relations. I have never seen such a divider of people than our current President. Were in deep crap if he gets re-elected.

You ain't seen nothing yet. As the election grows closer you will see much more of this stuff.. Eric  gave the  ok to the blacks to pretty well do as they please when he refused to go after the black panthers in Philly at the voting booth.

It's a win at all cost this election. As for whites. A military term pretty well sums it up. its called acceptable loses.

I never used to carry all the time, but, where I live the area is having its own problems and I have changed my attitude. I'd rather be judged by 12, than carried by 6

Easy, I fully agree with your logic and common sense. However, look where this led George Zimmerman nowadays. He's going to be a huge scapegoat in all this mess of racial inequities, for sure. And the Feds. have and continue to push this to a conclusion that the Panthers and other orgs. will be proud of, and push for into the future. If you're in such a dangerous area of residency, I would suggest  moving out and seek a safer environment for yourself and family. Being dead right or in prison doesn't sound palatable to guys our age anymore, life is too short. I don't intend to be an acceptable loss either, unless push comes to shove here in Ludington yet.

I had open heart surgury a couple of weeks ago, took place at Toledo Hosp. The point I was trying to make is, I have to go back for follow ups and the like and there is no safe way to get to Toledo Hosp. from where I live. Your in an unsafe area no matter what route you take. My wife doesn't have a concealed permit, but, I made her keep my 9mm in the consol anyway for safety sake. Now, I'm having my wife break the law just for her safety while visiting me, and, I made her leave the hosp. well before dark and call when she arrived at home.

This is not the America I was raised up in. And, yes, I will take my chances in a court of law if need be, although I no longer have the faith in the law like I used to, and, that is a crying a-- shame to have to admitt.

It seems my fate lies in my hands nowdays. I remember the race riots of the sixties, and I will be prepared this time.

I have a friend who has had to move twice in 20 years because his neighborhood became unsafe to live in. It wasn't like that when he moved in. How many times is he to be run out of his home?? you can't keep running,

The only way the colored will conceed equaity is when they are in control and the whites are outnumbered. Think about it, why is there only inequality in this country?

Why is there only inequality, please explain.

I went to Florida and instead of taking the bypass to Dayton around the west side of Toledo I took the toledo route. Gotta admit --it was about 10pm on a wednesday night in the sleeting rain of this past January 2012-- I was scared sh1tless once I realized that for about 10 miles If the car broke or I had an accident or even to have to stop for traffic(which was sparse thankfully) I was not in an area I wanted to be in, even on the E-way.

I guess that will teach me to use a map when on a road trip! or at least check a bit ahead ever time we stop for routes but I thought I'd remember from last year on the trip south.

In 2011 we came back through VW/WVA/Penn and hubby and kid were adamant about stopping for a hotel after driving from Norfolk/Chesapeke since early morning, it was about 2 or 3 am when we were coming off I80 toll and onto 75N and 475 around the SW side of Detroit Suburbs. They were begging to stop, I was on 475 at the time and said look around you, there is nowhere to stop! It looked quite ruggedly industrial at least at that late hour and I knew that there would be a safe stopping point if we got north of ann arbor to Dundee where the cabela's is at. There was no way I was risking getting off the e-way in the middle of the night in the middle of who knows where, tired and cranky passengers or not!

If the USA makes me this paranoid traveling I don't know how people leave the country. I kept a nice big barely legal folding knife in the center of the car in easy reach on both trips, def. not carrying while driving cross country(nothing to carry anyway). But IN 2011 on the way thru OH heading south at about 4am I stopped for fuel at a truck stop and bought the knife. It was 40mph that year heading south in  crap rain and fog too and again I was scared as he11 that if somewhere in OH we broke down and had to wait or walk to the nearest pale light across flat fields we would be in great danger without some kind of protection.

Do you see any other country where the colored are  wanting reparation and special treatment?


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