Here we go. Romney the progressive is showing his true colors.

Romney has declared he will not eliminate all of Obama care. This lying fool is turning out to be another Obama. After this election I'm putting all my energy into supporting candidates that support the Tea Party ideals. I'm sick of these progressive / liberal politicians and the Republican party is full of them. We're in deep crap.

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Unfortunately, these guys are masters of camouflage.  Who does Romney feel he's appealing to when he makes such statements?

Is anyone really surprised?  The two-party system is just two wings of the SAME party.  Oh yes, a little difference here, a little difference there, but a vote for Republican OR Democrat is a vote for perpetual wars, government regulation, loss of liberty, and a failed economy.  Live free!

And that same party is the Statist Party.  Whoever you vote for in most elections, big government gets in. 

Shocking Max, truly. Did I really hear right today when R Romney stated he could balance the budget without more deficits in about 8 years? IS this guy for REAL? Why, on God's green earth, would you say anything like that at this critical juncture of an upcoming election? He's got me fooled if true.......sad. Anyone confirm that radio alert? Maybe I'm dreaming, or heard wrong.......can't figure it. Live free?

Live free,  Check out the Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson.


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