I read in the LDN that Kevin Costner was denied passage on the Badger because there was no room for his bus due to the wind turbine parts taking up all the space.

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its funny that you say the Badger is fighting for its existence, BUT they have known for at least 4 yrs that this may be their last year in operation, YET they waited til just this past year (late 2011) to start grants and funding and the SOS campaign...............why the heck did they wait so long to "save the ship" thats what I want to know

Lake Michigan Carferry is running a business.  Would it be a good business decision to cancel a reservation in order to favor another?  Just imagine the uproar.  Would you want your reservation canceled for a "celebrity"?

The delay would have been for some wind turbine parts which are being stored on a lot south of Ludington. Costners bus would have taken up little room compared to the amount needed for the turbine tubes and accessories and would have delayed the parts arrival by only about 8 hours and since the parts are being stockpiled there was no urgency in making the delivery on that particular passage. Noone would be in an uproar over this. And yes it would have been a good business decision because without the Badger those turbine parts, in the future, will have to be shipped around Chicago via roadways. So it would be in the wind turbine owners interest to keep the Badger in operation and together with the ferry company seek a remedy to keep her sailing even if that means a few delays for the sake of some good publicity.

I totally agree Willy, the wind turbine parts are huge in comparison to a motorhome. The extra 8 or 12 hour delay wouldn't have negatively affected them whatsoever, at least if you look at the old Harbison Walker property where they store/offload them right now, they have quite a stockpile adding up there now. I'm kinda thinking if the wind turbine people had known this was the case, they would have stood down for Costner in this instance, too late now.

I think we will have to agree to disagree here, but I don't think you are looking at the big picture.  It may not matter if the parts are just piling up on a  lot, but there are also permits, fuel and labor costs involved.  Waiting a day or so because some celebrity didn't plan ahead in making a reservation may not seem like much but the money can pile up.

What if the turbine parts were already onboard ship. i don't think it is a easy task loading and unloading them, logistics and all. I suppose if Costner really wanted a ride he couldhave offered to pay hte labor to take them off, at least that is my thought is that he may have arrives after the parts are loaded. I sure would not want the liability of unloading and reloading those turbine parts if it was my ship and they were safely stowed. Too much risk.

The only way I would take the risk is if Elvis showed up!

A friend of mine plays for the Trayce Adkins band, they were just in Grand Rapids a few nights ago. While we were chatting we talked about where they were playing next which was Eau Claire, WI... I told him that they should of took the Badger over as it would be quicker. Probably would of been easier for them as I imagine that they wouldn't of had to deal with turbine parts since they were going to WI. I told him about the Costner incident, he kind of laughed... said he was a good actor but the band kind of sucked.. although he did mention he was a nice guy having talked to him a few times.


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