Four days after Halloween, a dead person from Ludington and who would be 119 years old, came back to life and voted in Mason County.  

Technically, Donna Brydges is still resting in peace, but some surrogate for her, through the magic of unsolicited mail-in ballots and willful fraud on their part, voted on her behalf.  According to the Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson's website, this surrogate sent in a ballot application on July 29, was sent a ballot by the local clerk on September 24th and sent a filled and signed ballot back on September 30th.  

Donna is not alone in her ghost-vote, June Aiken from Jackson County who would be well into her 120th year (a dodecagenarian), sent her ballot in on October 8th, after receiving her ballot a month before.  William Bradley, 118 years young and dead since the last millenium, allegedly sent in a ballot application on September 11th, received a ballot eight days later, and sent it back on October 2nd.  No man in history has lived longer than 116 years.

How are these dead people born over 115 years ago able to vote throughout Michigan?  The table was set earlier this year when the aforementioned SOS Benson sent out ballot applications to everybody on Michigan's voter's rolls, while these rolls were filled with not only of people that had moved or never existed, but also composed of many people that were mostly or fully decomposed.  This only encouraged the widespread voter fraud that was perpetrated on the lawful voters of Michigan who were disenfranchised on Tuesday and beyond by the cheaters working for the political party that Benson, the attorney general and the governor swear allegiance to.  

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In a different situation, I know a guy that died recently but after his absentee ballot had been turned in by his wife. I asked on my Facebook page about whether or not the vote was still good or not and of course half the people said yes and the other half no.

Hope this helps settle that question:

Eleven states allow ballots cast by someone who dies before election day to be counted, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Michigan does not.

"If someone dies before Election Day, their vote does not count," said Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson...  In the August primary, 864 ballots in were rejected because the voters died before the election, even though they were alive when they filled them out.

If I leave my windows open while swimming at the beach am I "encouraging' theft of my goods?   How about a wood stand in a front yard?  One might imply that leaving things of value unattended encourage theft. This is exactly the type of behavior that is usually condoned on this site.   Adults are responsible for their own actions. If we were talking about children being influenced to do the wrong thing that would be different.  We are talking about individual adults making individual decisions.  If there is some private society that is smart enough to infiltrate our elections, why don't you start finding out who this group is and report them? I personally volunteer to be your inside man if you find me the group.  Its smoke and mirrors talk to avoid the topic at hand, Trump is most likely going to lose and its hard to accept.  In Texas, the police actually make you out to be the bad guy for leaving your vehicle unlocked.  They claim your trust in civilization to not steal from you or your lack of valuables that warrant locking your doors provides them with permission to enter these unattended vehicles.  If we wanted to go down the "encouraging" rabbit hole we could say our current president has "encouraged" a lot of behaviors. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and look at it like an adult that realizes adults make their own decisions.  I thought Republicans were the party of accountability?

I completely disagree with you AG. As you stated  "I proudly voted Blue this election because I have a kid and have to teach him respect and decency. If the GOP put up a respectable candidate next time I would have no problem voting red." So you voted for Biden, a [proven] criminal and Harris the Marxist and these are the people you want your kid to respect. You are either extremely ignorant about what has been going on the last 4 years or you know about the deep state coup and corruption and you condone it. It's your right to vote for whatever candidate you choose but please don't use such lame excuses to justify why and how you vote. 

Anxious, your reply is about as loopy as can be, but I follow some of your liberal leanings. To answer your first question, "yes" most safety departments would say you could be encouraging theft by the two examples given, we're relatively lucky in Ludville, not so in generally in bigger cities. I have had my personal woodpile stolen in Ludville, ironically. I didnt think I was encouraging the behavior, however I think the neighbors were from downstate bigger city who brought that value up here and tried to help themselves in the dark of night, not knowing values and honesty of not stealing.

As far as Trump losing, imo the dems have been planning it for a long time. If he loses, U.S.A. is going down the tubes faster than otherwise. I think some people confuse Trump's patriotism and arrogance with knowing God's blessings and confidence. We are in a real race, for nationality, religion, and truth and cleaning the swamp.

Freedom seeker you can try to invalidate me (loopy) by using insults like your fearful leader if you wish.  I can not deny I was planning against Trump for the last 4 years despite not blindly marrying a political party in my lifetime.  My "plan" was to simply vote against behavior I think is below the standard Republicans set for themselves.  I once had a very high opinion of various Republican senators and voiced it publicly.  Unfortunately they sold out and flipped on their beliefs and values to remain lifetime politicians living a lavish life on donor money.    This is the swamp you speak of that needs to be addressed. 

I proudly voted Blue this election because I have a kid and have to teach him respect and decency.  If the GOP put up a respectable candidate next time I would have no problem voting red.   Should start looking at Mark Cuban if you want what you thought you had in Trump without the theater

Anxious, I meant "loopy" more as in the "circuitous" answer with the examples of stealing firewood and stuff out of your window, rather than a diminutive insult ... I don't really like the name calling that Trump does either. He doesn't play politics, and a lot of politics is negotiating with people, not insulting them. I can look through the name calling to the real substance of his arguments, and he has been a president fighting for our national values unlike so many of the liberals who want to give away the country now at $25 trillion dollars and diminish the morals upon which this country was built.

Both parties now have lifetime politicians, imho, and Joe Biden is one of the worst. Not only that, but his involvement in his son's overseas investments may prove to be some of the worst in our history of unethical business, and that's was one of the SWAMPY matters Trump was trying to drain.

I am going to keep this response short because its hard to argue unproven nonsense.  There were once a large amount of people that believed the world was flat and actually some still do.  You might want to check and see if you have any unknown family members around.  I hear is good.     


I know you will have some new juicy scandals in your response since tucker and hannity are just wrapping up.  Keep the swamp filled with nonsense to keep serial liars afloat. 

By the way Trump has spent over $141M playing golf.  How come nobody is concerned with that spending?

Anxious, what channel is tucker on? I've never listened, but today, like most days, Steve Gruber starting in the morning, actually turned some callers away who didn't have verifiable facts, and asked them to do verifiable research. Then the fun starts with Rush with Sean following. It sort of balances the scales of the left newscasts. I do listen to both sides as much as tolerable. I even enjoy listening to Nancy Pelosi on PBS., mostly for the theatrics. Now there's one you could look into for being a hypocritical socialist.

I agree with you FS, Anxious Guy does weave a tortuous argument with meandering issues that decry facts and proofs without offering his own substantive or sensible refutations, counterproofs, or counter-facts.  AG probably doesn't understand that if the Republican Party was as complicit as the Democrat Party is with disenfranchising everybody by making it incredible easy to commit voter fraud, the Ludington Torch would be on their case.  

Republicans, to their credit, protect the sanctity of everybody's vote while the other side does everything possible to make fraud and cheating possible.  The other side, beyond making it possible to send in votes for dead people and other ineligible voters, are intentionally doing so.  As I have said on our other site:

"Two mail-in ballot applications came to my addresses when the SOS sent them out in May, one was to a deceased person, one was to a person now living four states away. I could have easily applied for either after forging their signatures, and had three votes without even having to leave my house."

This is a matter where the state government is pushing voter fraud, pushing mail-in voting when all mail unions are worried that Trump will privatize mail delivery and take their jobs away.  You will hear and see instances of voter fraud in Michigan over the coming weeks, and I bet you my last navy bean that Anxious Guy will discount them all as ludicrous even when they are fully supported by facts and public records.

So true, X.  I'd like to add to AnxiousGuy--real anxiety will soon set in, imo, if Biden and the hypocritical socialists take office.  Gas prices may be higher than ever, price rise in plastics, chemicals, all things that keep this world going as is, dependent on oil.  I agree with certain aspects of the Greenies, a lot of the oil pollutants are not good for our environment, but we might as well all become like the Amish, drive horse and buggies and ground all the airliners and defense.  Grow your own, Joe Biden on all three or four of your houses.  If we get this economy up and running, AOC policies will crush economic growth.  Russia and China will see a weak nation and I hope Joe Biden can use his charm on those nations that want to crush America.

So well said, LL.


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