Four days after Halloween, a dead person from Ludington and who would be 119 years old, came back to life and voted in Mason County.  

Technically, Donna Brydges is still resting in peace, but some surrogate for her, through the magic of unsolicited mail-in ballots and willful fraud on their part, voted on her behalf.  According to the Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson's website, this surrogate sent in a ballot application on July 29, was sent a ballot by the local clerk on September 24th and sent a filled and signed ballot back on September 30th.  

Donna is not alone in her ghost-vote, June Aiken from Jackson County who would be well into her 120th year (a dodecagenarian), sent her ballot in on October 8th, after receiving her ballot a month before.  William Bradley, 118 years young and dead since the last millenium, allegedly sent in a ballot application on September 11th, received a ballot eight days later, and sent it back on October 2nd.  No man in history has lived longer than 116 years.

How are these dead people born over 115 years ago able to vote throughout Michigan?  The table was set earlier this year when the aforementioned SOS Benson sent out ballot applications to everybody on Michigan's voter's rolls, while these rolls were filled with not only of people that had moved or never existed, but also composed of many people that were mostly or fully decomposed.  This only encouraged the widespread voter fraud that was perpetrated on the lawful voters of Michigan who were disenfranchised on Tuesday and beyond by the cheaters working for the political party that Benson, the attorney general and the governor swear allegiance to.  

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One thing Donald Trump and I definitely have in common is our distrust over the way several states provoked widespread voter fraud by mailing out ballot applications in May to everyone.  I told those who listened then that Trump would lose Michigan; when they added more rules to promote fraud, censored alternate media, this only strengthened that argument since they could overcome a Trump lead of 'n' votes by creating 'n+m' votes with fraudulent ballots.  These several states seem to have a correspondence with the battleground states that seemed to be in Trump's control on Tuesday evening, and found him falling behind with large influxes of Biden ballots early the next morning.   

I am hopeful that Republican officials dealing with elections had some sort of safeguard in at least one or more states to detect such behavior, for if there was widescale fraud in this election, it will only get worse and less detectable next election, leading to the end of our democratic republic.  Good will only win if a fair election is held, and the winner has won by the set rules without cheating.  The Democrats seem to have already chosen a replacement system that will surely cripple the country.

What would be wrong with a national standard for national elections?  For instance, all states should have the same standards for mail ins, cut off dates, times, and all other voting regulations.  It seems the states are dictating federal electoral standards.  This is the worst I've ever seen.  It's like the devil is hellbent on a rise to dominate national politics.

How come nobody is complaining about Alaska not having their votes counted?  All those votes coming in "late" are for trump.

Any state that cannot count its ballots within 24 hours after their polls closed on election day is a disgrace to the union, that includes Alaska, which is led by Republicans and is not a battleground state (which is why it's being neglected).  Federal election standards are needed to re-establish integrity of the process, which will only come about if fairness prevails in the legal process and a just count gives Trump the victory. 

I can not believe federal election standards for the whole nation are not in place . Sure would have made this election a lot easier on everyone if each state had the same rule to follow.  I'm sure things will change by the next election, but maybe not.

I can't see a pathway for such legislation under a Biden Administration, it would have a hard enough time getting through a Democrat-led House and an almost-even Senate with Trump in charge.

It is something awful, Lake Lady. I don't like to get "religious" on a Sunday morning, on a political blog, but that's where my mind turns. It's scary. It is my fear that our nation will lose its vision, its blessings are being squandered. Politics seems to be nothing more than a vy for power and greed.

George Washington stated in his Farewell Address, “The propitious smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which heaven itself has ordained.”

It should be noted that when George Washington ran for President in the eighteenth century, his acclaim was so high that he ran unopposed both times after declaring his candidacy.  He would have likely had a hard time forecasting the division of America that led to the Civil War and to our current cultural war.  

Being a fan of statistics and probability, I can't fathom other people with similar knowledge not coming to a conclusion that fraud was perpetrated in states with lax voting procedures allowing partisan officials to manufacture enough votes to allow their candidate, Joe Biden, to win.  Mounting evidence continues to come into being against election integrity in the battleground states where Democrats were in charge of the election process.  America is done for if we fail to get to the bottom of the cheating performed that appears to have stolen and invalidated the November 3rd, 2020 election, and then fail to remedy that situation with a lawful and orderly process.

  The Presidency was won by the Medias pick. Watching the political TV shows this morning , their still at it giving the Democrat guest their say while interrupting and  challenging  the Republicans  view .  My son stated the other day he watched a Fox news broadcast , must have been the first time for him as he stated all the lies that were told . No, that's what you get when you watch CNN.    I just want to know where my remaining $8800. stimulus check is. Three trillion dollars divided by 300,000,000. people = $10,000.  each.  I guess I just have to chalk it up to Democrat pork for non covid operating cost.




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