A shinblind salute to Meijer who will have special hours for geezers and the health impaired to shop along with essential service workers. 

They are also limiting quantities of certain items to the dismay of hoarders.

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A very encouraging, reassuring and sincere letter from Rick Keyes. Thanks for sharing, shinblind.

thanks for the post shinblind. If the boss of Meijer thinks this is a crisis and sends out that message then it must be just that. Another over reaction by a person in authority. I know he is reacting to current conditions and the fact that so many people are panicking makes it necessary for the store chain to ration food. I applaud him for that. But he and other people who are actually in charge our society must stop exaggerating our circumstances. This only feeds into the hysteria. 

Walmart also updated their hours a few days ago as well, opening at 7am and closing at 8:30pm.. the move also includes time set aside for seniors. The move will give associates more time to stock and clean/sanitize as well. The extreme situation hasn't gone unnoticed by the company, the company is giving associates a bonus as well as moving up the time frame for quarterly bonuses.

One question I have about the reduced hours at Walmart.  If one presumes there will still be roughly the same amount of visitors and business to a Walmart, won't reducing the hours by 25% or more lead to less social distancing, and be more likely to see the virus spread due to the higher concentrations of shoppers present? 


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