The Center for Voter Information, and Misinformation

Lionel Dripps (seen left) sent me a letter.  He has been writing a lot of letters this year to people all over the country, perhaps millions of letters.

Dripps is the Managing Director of the Center for Voter Information Center (C4VIC) which self-identifies as a non-profit, non-partisan partner organization to the Voter Participation Center (VPC).  The non-profit VPC also claims it's non-partisan, but has worked with leftist in the 2012 election along with its sister group, C$VIC. 

The sister groups target their efforts for those demographic groups that tend to trend Democrat.  One of the CSVIC's biggest donors is the very progressive group NextGen Climate Action, so the sister group's lack of partisanship is very much at question just by looking at their substantive allies and donors.

Their initial efforts to register voters earlier this year, often conflicted with local governments by being sent to those already registered-- or dead, moved, or ineligible due to their age or animal status.  My Dripps' letter had a return address from a Lansing address with a suite number.  

It turns out that the 'suite' is totally virtual, it doesn't exist, the local UPS Store is its only relation to brick and mortar in Michigan.  This was mass mailed from Washington DC, Lionel Dripps headquarters.

Knowing all of this kind of prepared me for the contents of this letter, which intrigued me due to the 'official' sound of the 'Center for Voter Information Center'.  I am definitely not in their target demographic, being an older (55+) white male, but the anticipation was there since I was looking to see whether they would come off as non-partisan.  They definitely were not cringing from the leftist issues and spin in order to 'inform' me which presidential candidate was better. 

The problem was that the information provided wasn't very accurate, in fact it seemed a lot like misinformation, an issue for the C4VIC in the past election and this one too.

In regards to additional health insurance options, the Center offers a choice to either purchase health care from private insurance or from the government.  Under Trump, the penalty for not buying insurance has been lifted, and has allowed the market to work better.  Democrats said this would make the market unstable, but there's fresh evidence, in the form of a new federal report out this week, detailing both the declining cost of health insurance premiums for young people under the ACA, and insurer participation rates going up, that Trump's changes are working.  Not being penalized for buying overpriced government insurance is a good choice to have for a young person trying to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, Biden has not ruled out the possibility of a public option (something somewhat like Medicare, but available to all Americans under 65) and other policies which would allow the government to play on an uneven playing field with private insurers.  Biden's plan may take away options, while Trump's actions have already offered more choices at better prices.

In regards to 'supporting workers impacted by coronavirus', the candidates positions are definitely misleading.  Trump has been on record as supporting continued relief for those people affected adversely by coronavirus, Biden's Democratic party wants to saddle the deficit further by tossing a lot of excess into the relief packages, rather than take care of  those suffering from the largely-Democratic shutdowns and mandates enforced strictly in several states.  

In regards to 'reduced school funding' there appear to be more misleading and rather dated facts.  Biden has apparently not expressed any opinion on the issue since 2007 as regards eliminating or adding funds to hire more teachers and reduce class size.  Trump, meanwhile, has been giving states more flexibility in spending federal block grants, in the hope to make education more efficient.  Nevertheless, the Trump Administration has spent quite a lot on the Education Department in 2 of the last 3 years (in 2019 dollars).  

Trump's DOE allows the states the discretion to hire teachers and reduce class size, but realizes wisely that the money may be needed for other important education costs by states and their school districts.  This is consistent with his federalist stance. 

Lionel Dripps' letter was sent to me to push a narrative, not educate me, and to spotlight three issues that really aren't all that important when you poll the 2020 voter.  These issues may be hot buttons for some of those who vote blue, but the big issues of 2020 totally leave out education issues.  Likewise, figuring out the proper relief package is not anywhere to be found, nor health care alternatives, but they do fall under the umbrella of others.  No useful voter information was in this letter other than the C4VIC is a partisan source of misinformation.

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I got three of those post cards in one mailing. Weird, with a threat that they would contact me later by phone. I hoped not and wondered where they would get my phone number. I got another sticky postcard the next week. I immediately dumped it into the recycle bin without opening.

The real problem is the ignorance of the American voters. Anyone who has been keeping track of the issues knows what the truth is. This organization and others like it are propaganda tools for the left. The Center for voter information is part of the Voter Participation Center. It's obvious they are spreading propaganda for the Democrats and Globalists. One thing is very odd about the staff for the Voter Participation Center is that 2 of the 6 staff members have Chinese origins. Dexter Chan and Phoebe Wong I found information on Wong but none on Chan. It is very suspicious when 1/3 of your staff is connected to America's largest enemy.

Got my 2nd thing from the group today while another family member got their 1st. Didn't take me long when I got the first one too see that it was obviously a partisan group, almost had to laugh getting something from a 'voter information center' whose name suggest that the contents would be informative for all voters and then seeing that the 'information' had a definite slant too it. Of course the thing went right where the first one did which is also the same place that all the political crap is going.... the garbage

Got my second one too, my other address got a couple also.  They must be getting a lot of mail out to Michigan residents about the president race because of our status as a battleground state.  Curiosity and future material for an article has me take a look at this obvious uber-junk mail for laughs and inspiration.


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