The LDN used the word "friggin" on the front page

I find this hillarious.....Back in the day on Ludington talks if a member used the word "friggin" it was an automatic banning.


Suffice to say...I really do not believe some of the elderly receiving the paper would find that appropriate.  Would Grandma like it???  Remember that from Andy K????


Just found it funny...that is all.

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I noticed that to. We all know what slang word "friggen" represents so I'm suprised they actually used it.

I guess it was used in a context that they felt everyone could agree on. So the inappropriate slang that I was scolded for using was okay because all could agree with it.
That is pretty freakin' dumb isn't it? lol

It is not on the front page of my paper. "The weather related one says -8 Sunday ties 48-year old record" on the front page. They must have "stopped the presses"


I did see it on the link, and the article was different than my front page.

Maybe they only ran it that way in the E-edition. I went to the link and it looked like what he discribed and used the word or non word friggin.
It's on my e-edition too, just goes to show the hypocrisy and how high it reigns.

I think maybe whats going on here is the LDN feels it can take a few more emm artist liberties in the E-edition that they could get away with in the print edition?? Although I don't know why this should matter.

I have always thought the electronic editions of many major publishers tend to be less well policed... and polished for that matter than the print editions.

Then you also have the fact one can shoot off the cuff on a subject and be under less scrutiny for errors as who is checking the content for libel and such either? I keep hearing advertisements for new companies who will take action for you if someone mischaracterizes you in the electronic media. Is it not a shame media has gotten so bad that you might have to spend money to keep your reputation?

Just ask the LIBERAL Media? Right Tueboring?

I recall that CNN and MSNBC decided to move more toward the center when FOX news became successful as a budding enterprise.  Maybe LDN is following that same example with its 'competition' on the Electronic Front.

The FACT remains, as Cyndi & RJE pointed out, Andy K. expressly stated that no posts should be anything that our 8 year olds can't read, nor grandma, nor our pastors. If this isn't hypocrisy at it's finest, I guess I don't know what is.

The current four-letter F-word the LDN won't ever comment on substantively is FOIA.

OK, it's an acronym, but those FOIAing motherFOIAers won't even condone the actions and policies City Hall uses to obstruct those that are looking for information in the public's interest.  This is far more obscene than any swear or near-swear word you can print out.

Roger That X, but apathy, must reign supreme as usual. LOL on the LDN


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