A woman died at about 8 PM on Wednesday night (June 7, 2017) allegedly while talking with her roommate through their adjoining bedroom wall.  Her son arrives shortly after the police arrive, and while he is voluntarily answering their questions after getting the news that his mother was found dead on the floor, the son gets arrested on outstanding bench warrants found pertaining to him by responding sheriff deputies.  The City of Ludington Daily News (COLDNews) reports it as Police look into death on S. Rowe, a condensed version follows:

Police officers from several departments, firefighters and EMTs gathered Wednesday night at the Rowe Street apartment of a 54-year-old Ludington woman who died after being found unresponsive and lying on the floor of her bedroom.

Many emergency vehicles gathered at the scene, as did neighboring residents in an area of Ludington where SSCENT (State, Sheriffs, Chiefs Enforcement of Narcotics) team officers served a warrant in March (see Secret Paramilitary Maneuvers on Rowe Street)...

Police said the [911] caller lived with the woman, and as they were talking back and forth between their bedrooms, the woman suddenly stopped responding to the caller, who then contacted 911... It is not known whether the cause of death was natural or possibly due to drug use, [LPD Chief Mark] Barnett said. The woman’s prior medical records indicated past health issues, he said... 

The victim’s son, a 36-year-old Ludington man, arrived at the scene during the incident, and he was arrested.

According to Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole, while interviewing her son, deputies found three outstanding warrants on his record and arrested him for the warrants charging possession of marijuana from the Ludington Police Department, failure to appear for a pretrial out of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office, and failure to appear for a charge of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated out of the Southfield Police Department [End of Article]. 

Presuming the LPD warrant was issued by the judge for non-appearance in court, as it appears to be due to the offense, the son does seem to have a problem with drugs, alcohol, and showing up for court appearances.

Now it must be stated that the deputies did have the power to arrest the son, as noted here and in other legal websites, that any contact with the police where they can verify your identity and run you through the LEIN (Law Enforcement Information Network) to check whether any warrants are active, can led to your arrest. 

But did they utilize this power mercifully?  The son had to deal with the grief of his middle aged mother dying that night, that's a big burden, and he was apparently there in response to getting a phone call telling him what happened. 

If he was not a suspect in this or any other crime that night, why did the deputies run his name through LEIN?  Why did they then make the decision to take the grieving son in for those missed court appearances for non-violent, victimless crimes, and make him come to terms with the death of his mother in a holding cell worrying about having to raise bail with money he probably doesn't have, in order to attend her funeral? 

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Welcome to Ludington!

Exactly John. Why couldn't the MCSO put an ankle monitor on him and tell him to report in 10 days after taking care of his mother? This kind of action serves no purpose of protecting and serving the public, but it appears they have to follow the silly laws instead of acting humanely. Sounds like the interview of the son was also improper and possibly illegal in itself. 

They probley even interveiwed  this son in the fire department also, the MCSO found passed stuff on this son so they deside to lock him up, cause thats what they do. They need to at least let him take care of his mother, ya they could put a ankle bracelet on him I agree with you Aquaman

Unfortunately the police probably recognized him and knew something of his past so they ran a check on him.  It's to bad about his mother but If he had taken care of his legal matters there would have been no problem with the police that evening. You play you pay.


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