Here is a link where you can determine what could be your Native American name, by just entering a bit about your personality and likes:  What's your Name?


If you don't like that one, here's another one that gets you a more traditional NA name:  Quizopolis name


Lastly, here's a quiz that gives you an Indian name and it's translation. NA Name Generator


I don't know whether any gives an authentic result, but maybe you could use what you get as a pseudonym for the web or for yourself when out camping in the wilds.


My name's were Darting Serpent, Adahy (Living in Woods), and Ahanu Pahana (Laughing Lost White Brother), from the three sites respectively.


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A long time ago an Indian child asked his father how his younger brother was named. His father said, after your brother was born I went out of the lodge and heard a wolf howling so I named him Screaming Wolf. The boy then asked how his sister was named. His father answered, when your sister was born I went out of the lodge and saw a loon crying in the water and I named her Singing Loon. Then his father asked, but why are you asking all of these questions Two Dogs Screwing?

LOL, Fresh-Poop-on-Mocassin.

You've been on Facebook apparently.. I've noticed the last few days that there was a NA name generator there dishing out names. I've thought about giving it a try but have been hesitant due to the sites not having been checked out by either of my 'site adviser' for safety. Curiosity might eventually get the best of me and I might try one of the sites anyway.

You caught me facebooking, Dave!  I had confidence in my anti-virus programs and took the dare on that one there.  The three sites above are pretty safe, in that they just ask you two or more questions and don't access your personal data, unlike the Facebook one going around.

BTW, no kidding, but my name there is "Bear Wanders Into Shadow". 

X, are you sure it's not "Wanders Bare into Shadows".

Mine was "guarding bear", Maybe I guard against offenders of the TOS too often, and eat too much wild salmon

Bly Mika .......means tall intelligent raccoon


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