Ancient Seven-Ski Inn Owner Took Down by Trespassing Troopers

An upstanding, venerable business owner wonders what Michigan State Police (MSP) were doing on a couple of lots he owned.  The 83 year old man gets taken down with force for allegedly not listening to commands, gets knocked unconscious and suffers broken bones, a broken nose, and road rash from the encounter. 

Here's the kicker:  the MSP are trying to charge this man with assaultive behavior, there is no internal investigation into the troopers' behavior, and this old beaten-up codger is hopeful that footage from his cameras will reveal his version of events which has him innocent of wrongdoing.  The Traverse City Record Eagle reports:

A Ticket, A Takedown

83-year-old man injured in scuffle with troopers

TRAVERSE CITY — Larry Dale Sevenski took calls from his Petoskey hospital room as he considered what his next days will entail.

Will he return to his Elmira home, or have to turn himself in to Antrim County's jail?

Sevenski, 83, could face a criminal charge after a March 17 altercation with a Michigan State Police trooper that left him hospitalized with a broken arm.

The incident began when troopers stopped Sevenski at the corner of Thumm Road and U.S. 131 in Antrim County, MSP Lt. Mark Harris said. He climbed out of his car and "aggressively" walked toward troopers' patrol car. He didn't listen when troopers told him to return to his car.

"At that point the subject became more assaultive in his behavior, and as a result was subdued and taken to the ground," Harris said. "And unfortunately that's where the injuries occurred to Mr. Sevenski."

The 83-year-old was left with a bloody nose, pain in his right arm, and a ticket for failing to signal, Harris said. Paramedics treated him at the scene and took him to McLaren Northern Michigan hospital in Petoskey.

Sevenski said he went unconscious during the incident and was left with an arm broken in two places. He balked at Harris' description of the late-night stop.

He said he drove from his tavern on March 17 because he wanted to talk to the troopers he heard were gathered at the lot he owns nearby.

"I wasn't assaultive," Sevenski said. "I'm almost 84 years old. Why would I try to take on an officer half my age? ... I know better than that."

Harris contended there are more variables to the story than Sevenski's age.

Troopers requested Antrim County Prosecutor James Rossiter authorize a resisting and obstructing charge against Sevenski — they dictated so on the ticket they wrote him on March 17, in which they indicated "driver will also be charged with R&O police officer as part of this incident."

Harris declined to describe Sevenski's behavior until Rossiter decides whether to charge him. Rossiter, through Antrim County legal secretary Debra Ho'on, said he was not available for comment.

There is no investigation into troopers' behavior during the stop.

"There is no evidence at this point of any wrongdoing," Harris said. "The troopers appeared to have acted within our policies, within the law."

Sevenski said trail cameras near his parking lot may shed more light on the incident.

"It might not be excessive to them but it sure was to me, or else I wouldn’t have ended up in the hospital."

This, if proven to have the MSP in the role of bad actors, and many other similar "Real Stories of the Michigan Highway Patrol" in the news of recent, should make you consider whether it is in our Michigander's best interests to have a police agency that polices itself (and does so badly) that has zero accountability and little knowledge (and often littler regard) for the local areas they patrol.  We elect county sheriffs, we have city and township council hold control over their police, but nobody oversees the MSP other than itself.

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An 83 year old man did not listen when he was told to go back to his vehicle, I look forward to learning how that is a crime worth of being beaten.  Thankfully they didn't use their taser and kill him on the spot.  Perhaps the video will shed more light on this situation.  Guess it pays to always turn on your own cell phone video in every interaction with the police just to have your own evidence.  So very sad.

Sounds like the nebie didn't study this thread and pictures very well, youngster I'll bet, arrogant, shallow, and loud. Better take your meds Deidre, before you have your daily seizure, and need an ambulance, LOL!  As a newbie member, you aren't making any friends, and the smell is becoming nauseating, may want to change mouthwashes, lmao!

Typical cop drivel by, Anonymous...

Hi Everyone!! Let's all have a seat it's story time.

Listen closely while the rambling idiot tries to spin his fairy-tales.

Let's all close our eyes and make believe his words are evidence, because he has a broken camera.

Now, open your eyes and believe!

Deirdre, if you drink, it may be a good idea to have a few...maybe more.  I can go off the deep end from time to time and want to rant and rave....but holy hell.....give it up.  Your point has long since been made and now I can't imagine anyone wanting to listen any longer. 

LOL I second that motion!

They are charging the 83 year old geezer with a felony.

The MSP were fortunate they had 2 troopers present  to take out this hombre.

"Sevenski then clenched and cocked his right fist to strike (the trooper),"  from the report. Were the officers frightened? Was Sevenski readjusting his hearing aid to better understand the command.

Antrim County Prosecutor Jim Rossiter on Tuesday authorized a charge of resisting and obstructing arrest — a felony punishable by up to two years in prison — against Sevenski in 86th District Court.

You scooped me-- and made me chuckle despite the surrealistic decision by the prosecutor.

Any video yet of what occurred? Why were the MSP out on his property/vacant lots? Or weren't they? Still a lot of details left out for me. But, that still seems odd that this 83 year old man would attack them, and that MSP's training is that they have to beat the Hell out of anyone this elderly. Was Sevenski also drinking at his Tavern that night? What time was all of this?

Details, it's going to be in the details on this one.  It is surely interesting how this all came about and there were no other choices but to take the man down.  Anyone have any idea how many times this happens in nursing homes on a daily basis and the staff are not permitted to throw the elderly to the ground and subdue them....LOTS.

Another perfect example of why the police need to wear body cams. Until people can finally see what happens on these police "stops" we'll never know just who's telling the truth.

Speaking of nursing homes, I just saw a news video of one last nite and the 93 year old woman was getting thrown into a wheel chair hard, pulling her hair often, then also thrown hard into her bed and also pushed hard to stay there. She was NOT fighting with them, they were abusing her and also yelling at her the whole time. Very disturbing. I also know that MSP should have mace guns on them that can also substitute for beating anyone that is out of control in the streets or using the taser. Keep this thread updated please.

A news video nursing home staff treating a woman like this?   Please tell me this nursing home is closed and those people are in prison or I may loose my mind or worse....find those people.  What ever happened to do onto others as you would have done onto you?  We were not all taught that by the age of 4?  I am now reminded why I avoided the news and media for over 25 years.....I just didn't need to know about things I can't change.  It breaks my heart.


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