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In light of the pandemic shouldn't  the construction of the schools be halted until they can be redesigned to meet the new requirements? 

I see where schools boards in other districts have paused construction in order to reassess the situation. Shouldn't the same happen here?

Or should the LSD forge ahead with buildings that are going to be obsolete the day they are opened?

The pause in construction would have been a good time to reconsider every aspect of the school design.

Where stands Kennedy and the board on this?

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What new requirements are you referring to? The only thing coronavirus has proven is that school buidlings, school administrators, school buses, etc. are not neede for kids to be taught. All can be done with home schooling which has been proven effective the last 2 months.


Everything is on the table, from not having door knobs to maintaining social distancing space in classrooms, switching to year around schools, having fewer students and operating in shifts, more busses with fewer students, sanitizing the classrooms, meals,  virtual learning.  The list is endless and until things get more settled any schools constructed will have to be considered flawed and obsolete when they open.

Why would the school board allow this to happen?

The school board  might better serve the taxpayers by paying whatever penalty there is for breaking the contract  than going ahead and constructing buildings that will be deemed impractical and in need of major overhauling before they are opened.

Great subject and discussion guys, keep the good going, and pray for our kids in schools to learn better than our current LSD administrators.

 As willy stated , we no longer will need brick and mortar buildings.We can home school. Also we won't need all those teachers that get high pay and better benefits . All we need is a computer for each child, internet hook up and one teacher for each grade. Thirteen teachers for the entire state. Maybe for the whole UNITED STATES .. Of coarse there would be some sort of council that would determine what each teacher would follow .  Everyone would be taught the same thing, Just think of all the money the state would save in benefits and retirement paymentsYes I can see this home school program working out quite well   But then again I think the teachers have a Union that would object to this kind of thinking, being the elimination of almost all the teachers. But they haven't yet figures that out with some States doing home schooling now with in home computer classes..  Maybe they can use the school buildings to house the homeless that our Governor is putting us up for.No job,  No business, no money. no food, no toilet paper LOL . Yup, I can see a lot of people becoming homeless.

Shinblind, I am trying to get some answers for you via the superintendent and in researching the recent school board meetings.  At first glance, I don't see anything being adapted to reflect the new reality and the way it may/will reflect on schooling in the future.  The current LASD website home page still has Prom going on tomorrow night.  The board has given Superintendent Kennedy greater power to do things during this period at their last meeting (supposedly, the minutes are not up), leaving a potential accountability gap in normal processes, and so I will be keeping closer watch on what's happening there.

I have also asked about any adaptations under consideration to build structures that may be functionally obsolete by the time they're constructed.  I will bring his response back to you.

I'm glad to hear the prom is going to take place. At least someone is using some common sense by not completely ruining the school year for the students.

It's going to be a prom to remember.

Willy re prom pic.

''Danger Will Robinson.''
Not Maintaining Social Distance.

If Nessie and the Oberfuthrer Gretch see this they will send their jack-booted Gestapo to bring you in for questioning.

The masks will not protect your identity.

They have vays to make you tock.

 A prom safety kit now includes surgical masks along with birth control pills and condoms.

Thank you X.

I am eager to hear the Super's response.

Hope it is more than the carefully worded bullcrap that we have come to expect. 

We will see.


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