The same numbskulls running the City who continue to defy the FIOA laws are again trying to alter the West end of Ludington Ave. They just won't give up. They continue to try and waste the taxpayers money. 

"A proposal to make major changes to the west end of Ludington Avenue is scheduled to come back to the Ludington City Council Monday and the council could set public hearings in March to learn reactions of residents to the idea of seeking grant money from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund to pay for those changes.

The council has discussed the issue many times in the past and has sought grant money for the work, with the hope this might be the year the work is funded.

One phase of the project that has been planned for several years is building a concrete walkway along the beach in front of the dune between the Ludington North Breakwater and the west end of Ludington Avenue, where the pavement ends, plus a portion of the promenade area where the avenue ends.

Another idea the council has discussed in the past would close off the westernmost block of the street to vehicles and pave it with bricks, add short shrubs and create a paved area where tents could be erected and parties held."

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Who are these people who are influencing Ludington's elite to drastically alter the west end of  Ludington Ave? 

I would remind those that want to speak out about this unpopular notion to reserve or hone their best arguments to the city council until the two meetings in March when the public hearings will be held and sent along with the application.

It is undeniable that there has been nobody from Ludington outside of city officials who have endorsed these projects in the past three years our city leaders have tried to sell it.  Yet there are plenty of people who are willing to face their wrath and scorn by going to the podium and telling them why it's a bad idea. 

Think about it:  our city management want millions from the DNR for the West End 'Improvements', they want about $1.2 million from the DNR to replace the docks at the city marina, and yet, they balk at having anything to do with asking them for help in cleaning up the PM Lake and Bayou, which is truly something which is a preservation of our natural resources along with the health and safety of our residents.  

Yes this is a terrible reaction that only proves that the city is not working under the US constitution where a government is by the people and for the people. A government that attacks any that compete against them, even though the original business is a private tax payer that helped build the industry that the city is thriving in. Then the city has a break down that closes business against them and does not make a move to fix it since 2008? Will the Snyder administration make things right? Time will tell........ I heard the COL council has been put on notice!

No, just being honest, not rude. Tough city to try to do business in.....  Welcome Verdad.

Does anyone have the address of whom to contact from the Michigan Natural Resource Trust Fund regarding this matter?

While voicing your displeasure at at the City Council meeting is a nice exercise, I believe the grant is already written, the councilors minds are already decided, and their rubber stamp is in hand to approve Shays submission to the MNRTF.

Might we be better served to contact the people who will ultimately decide this issue?

If the MNRTF never hears our voice, how will they ever hear of our disapproval of this fiasco of time, money and resources. Shay's West End Scheme should be stillborn.  Better the funds are used elsewhere.

While individual letters to the MNRTF are best, especially in an election year, maybe someone can construct a generic letter that just needs a signature and to be forwarded.

There has to be a more effective way of voicing our opinions than wasting time before the deaf ears of the city council.

It's called a "Legal Petition" shinblind. Some legal mind like X could draft the proposal, then circulate it for signatures around town and the county. Maybe something "online" for emailing would be even better? Maybe not, because written signatures speak more legally than online agreements. As for "COL giving up the notion", NEVER! These people get a notion into their heads, and will bring it around over and over for many years, until they get their way in the end. You would think the DNR, the protector of Mich. resources would want to protect that dune, but, it wouldn't surprise me if they just look the other way, because afterall, it's for a Municipality, not a private citizen.

The DNR does not recommend holding these public hearings back to back in the midst of winter, and they will consider the comments and written objections to their decision committee to heart since they need to decide which projects to throw money at.  If the COL gets rejected once again, and if we can get real Ludington folks into the city council who don't kneel and offer sacrifices at their graven John Shay idol, we may be able to start diverting Ludington tax money back into what it's meant for, city services and more modest employee remuneration. 

DNR does that stand for "does nothing really"? They have not helped the PM Bayou and are big players there!

Better get out the public comments on this BIG TIME for March. Else, we be stuck with Shyster Shay III's shitty ideas to live with the rest of our lives. HIS IDEA and ONLY HIS IDEA from what I hear and understand. No one else on the council seems to be pushing this crap, his FOUNTAINHEAD IDEA needs to be crushed in it's final version and tracks. HELL, it's already been denounced now Over and Over again by many citizens. That doesn't stop people like Shysters from down-state that get their way 99% of the time.

Say good bye to the scene below. It's a photo of the top of the dune next to the beach at the west end of Ludinton Ave. In order to install the beach sidewalk this dune will have to be removed because the high water mark for the beach is at the foot of the dune therefore no sidewalk can be installed there because it would be washed out.  In order to protect any sidewalk installed the dune would need to be removed so the sidewalk could have a safe setback to prevent erosion from waves. There's going to be a great deal of dune destruction on order for this pipe dream to be a reality. Copy this image and show it to family and friends to let them what local treasures are at stake.

Nice pic. again Willy, thanks. And that footpath there looks like it's a fitting and suitable traffic lane to me, rustic, and natural, not man-made. This is the kind of pic. that needs to be circulated ALL OVER TOWN, to let ALL CITIZENS know what is at stake, and to come forward and voice their opinions. The MORE THE BETTER!

Why would you want to disturb this beauty and cover it with nasty cement and man made privilege? I have been connected to Ludington for over 40 years and the rustic beauty that is there is its main draw. Where I live it is all cement and buildings, this is why we get away to places like Ludington, to relax and realm in the natural undisturbed beauty.

The state park sells out almost instantly after Jan 1 for reservations. The marinas around the PU Bayou used to sell out also but since the city has been not removed their mess, they are slow. People don't travel there to go to a cement city, they go there to get back to nature and share it with their families. In my opinion this is a huge mistake! A great memory from my youth is walking in the sand and then having to clean out the car when our vacation was over to get the sand out.....Pure Michigan!

Miles of beautiful clean beach, governed by ugly, self centered, care only for the rich type of politicians,....Pure Ludington! SadIII

Listen to people that care, love, and have roots in Ludington, not transients!


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