Sad to report this tonight. I have it on high authority that we have an emergency situation again here on Lk. Michigan. Appears that three men, one I know, went out on the lake to fish this morning at 6am on a small skiff, maybe 12'-15' in length. They have not returned to shore yet as of this writing tonight, 11pm, some 17 hours now. Friends of mine were called to the USCG helicopter earlier, they are searching and searching, but have found nothing yet. One of the men is Ray Finholm, local fisherman of many many years, age about 56 or so, he worked many years at the Foundry here. Nothing is exactly confirmed as yet, but rescue boats/USCG/helicopter is in desperate search right now. Anyone else know anything, please post asap. God's speed I pray for these lost souls, there may be some hope yet, but everything is uncertain yet at this time.

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What area is being searched? Farther out, up near the park or down near the project? I hope it's nothing more serious then  they had such good luck fishing that they forgot the time or had engine trouble and beached the boat. Of course that wouldn't answer why they haven't used their cell phones unless they don't carry them.

I presume they were scheduled to dock back in Ludington by day's end? 

Has there been any communications you know of?

I've known Ray Finholm for many years.  I hope that he is ok.

Thanks to all you guys that posted tonight, haven't heard the exact details yet, still hoping for any info. that is, well, any info.... I just hope it's positive. Ray is kinda an icon of the area, a character, if you know what I mean, good heart too, the other two guys haven't been named, supposedly, they were old timers, out to catch the big ones now here. I do hope the Lazy Daily Nuisance (LDN) has an update in the morn.. Nite all.

The lake is not forgiving. A boat that is safe on a nice day can become unsafe with just a little wind. Remember Silas Case RIP.  May the others return safely.

Bad news just in: 

LUDINGTON, MICH. (AP) -- The U.S. Coast Guard says crews searching Lake Michigan for two missing boaters have found a body and debris field in the waters off West Michigan.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Shaun Cross in Ludington says a search began Thursday after two people who went fishing in a 26-foot boat didn't return as expected.

Cross says crews found the body of one person as well as a debris field about 3 miles north of Big Sable Point. He says they're searching Friday for the second person.

Two Traverse City-based Coast Guard helicopters were involved in the search along with Coast Guard boats from Ludington and Manistee. Crews from the Mason and Manistee County sheriff's department are also part of the effort. They've also searched beaches along Mason County's Grant Township.

This is truly a sad situation. My heart goes out to the families. What I find rather strange is that there was no mention of the boat, just a debri field. From that information I would assume the boat had sunk. Were the waves that big up there? I guess they will have to salvage the boat to determine the cause for it's demise. Again, this is a terrible tragedy.

I am so sorry to hear this. Ray is a long time friend of my husband  Jim. We just smoked about 40# of fish for Ray and he just brought us beautiful fresh Lake Michigan whitefish to the house last week.

My prayers are for a positive out come.

Your right Aquaman, Ray is a character, a good man, good friend.

Sadly, I must now report, Ray perished, along with a Pa. man named Bill on the 26' cruiser. Yes, there were small craft warnings on the lake, waves, 5'-8', they should have stood down till today. There were only the two passengers aboard. The boat is reported to have broken into pieces like toothpicks, so I hear right now. Ray participated in many clubs and events involving fish and fishing throughout his life, including the Hospice fish fry at the Ludington Boat Club this weekend. I would assume they will have some memorial for him there Saturday too. He just loved the sport, as I do. RIP Ray, we'll se ya in the big fishing grounds above some day, sadly missed by an old friend and buddy.

Condolences to the families and friends of both boaters.

How very sad, condolences to friends and family.

Very sad that Ray and his fishing companion were found deceased today. RIP Ray, your smiling, crazy face will be missed!


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