Looks like it is time to revamp the James Street Plaza via the fundraiser route.


Let's see they have funds to raise for the West End Scheme. Funds to raise for the Copeyon Park Splash Pad and now they will be raising funds for the Legacy Park aka James Street Plaza. I can hear the dueling banjos from the various fundraisers all ready.

Maybe it is time they should stop collecting taxes and fees and fund the City budget via fundraisers.

Anyone up to have a fundraiser for cleaning up the PM Bayou?  

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The only fund raiser I would support is a concerted effort to expose corruption in this city. 

I'm in for the PM Bayou clean up! Sad its not on the cities list since this is the reason Ludington was built up! LDN, do some research? If not for George Towns bringing the salmon in would the thousands have came? NO! The city is run by people w/o a clue of its history and only care about the tourists that can not sustain the whole city. We need fisherman/women! They spend money locally and want to participate in derby's! Remember derby's? They buy pop/beer/sandwiches, etc. at the new 4th ward market! No, the ones in charge do not, stop in our dying marina and we can show you what trophy fish look like! When I was at the Fishing show in Novi the DNR had smaller trophies on display. When I spoke of our trophies and maybe donating them to their display when asked what port, they were not as interested? WHY? Why do they not want to clean the area that grew it? HMMMM....LDN????

Let's see: 

a fundraiser to help put up a timber-frame pavilion and open fire pit in a 'legacy park'

a fundraiser to help install a sizable drainage area and put up a water playground at Copeyon Park,

a fundraiser to help install a 'water trail' beachhead, replete with canoe racks and seasonal pavilions at the West End of Ludington Avenue in Stearns Park-- precisely, because the city council could not dedicate $$$ to the proposed project as it should have.

Yet no fundraisers for:

* cleaning up two different multimillion gallon raw sewage spills into recreational waters near the center of town

* switching out lead pipes in the city's water system to abate their state leadership in lead poisoning of kids

* conducting investigations of impropriety by city officials in fair tribunals (and the list is long:  Shay, Wilson, Barnett, Riggs, the two Tykoskis, etc.)

Definitely a thought provoking article, shinblind, thank you.

How they gonna have a legal fire-pit right in the middle of downtown? What fuel? How big? Enclosed? It's been a city ordinance for over 20 years that outlawed any open outside fires in the city limits. Oh yeah, go down and spend $49/pp for a sandwich and 30 ozs. of draft beer as your donation....lol.

I welcome the local media trying to refute me, but I hear they often try to and fail to do anything other than verify my own findings, so they've given up for the most part.  Why they don't join the side fighting the good fight?  Just look at how the mainstream media is treating a president who is trying to drain the Washington  swamp.  The snakes and mosquitos of the media want the swamp to remain, it's their livelihood.

Don't even get me started on fire pits.  I wanted a simple campfire get-together campaign event down at the beach in the off-season, I would have handled all the set-up and clean-up, no fire-spread issues, gave the city two months notice, and Shay and crew effectively denied me the chance.   

I tried to talk to Begnoche about 10 years ago on you X, and the "Swamp of Ludington" as we still know it today. He was from San Antonio, and didn't think much of us locals and our small town, as he was such a "know it all from the big city" types. I was lucky to get in a few sentences in about a 45 minute period of him ranting on about himself and his ego. He was mad, MAD AS HELL, that he told you how to make a FOIA request, and thought you abused that right. That is still the mentality with Patti Klevorn today at the LDN. Also talked to Steve Miller at WMOM and he also has the mentality that, per Johnny Shay III, you have "no credibility". It's more of a personal thing imho of what is real, and what isn't. They are NOT JOURNALISTS in the creative and common sense of the word, just Hackers that live to destroy and side with the crooked politicians in power, that help pay their own salaries, with advertising. Sad, and sick to the bone imho.

Begnoche without his 'ego' would have just been Bnche (think about it). 

That ego apparently overstated his importance in my information quests, as I had never talked or contacted Steve Begnoche until after I was well involved with FOIA requests.  Steve, his successor, and Scottville  Commissioner of Propaganda Rob Alway rely on the official City/County/police press release as their version of the total truth and don't seem to know how to conduct a journalistic investigation or conduct themselves with integrity.  Sad, or sick, state of affairs.

The plan calls for a representation of the Native American, lumber and maritime era's of Ludington. I hope the Native American era includes how they were screwed out of their land which was then clear cut by the lumber industry. That's like having a display showing the Jewish people followed by a positive showcase about the Nazis wonderful contributions.

What I find interesting and lost in all of this is that The Downtown developers  were discussing transgendering James Street Plaza into Legacy Park for years among themselves, yet they haven't released an estimate of the cost.

Are the usual suspects embarrassed by how much it will cost that they have to have a fund raiser with no price tag?

Also if they are going to position the clock where it's visibility is limited to a parking lot and side street why not just move it and the donation bricks by the gazebo and cut out the middleman. As a matter of fact this area by the gazebo can then become a memorial area to Ludington's failed hopes and dreams.

The DDA has quite a lot of funds ($170,000 more or less) to go through each year in order to revive the downtown, so the wanted renovations is likely enough to bust an annual budget that has renovated parking lots and the plaza area before with less money at its disposal.  Your observation is well-founded.

In truth, however, I am still at a loss for why they are planning on calling this Legace Park, if they aren't putting in an ice rink.  Manny Legace was a quality goaltender when he played for the Detroit Red Wings, but he was the perennial back-up goaltender to Osgood, Hasek, and Cujo.  Wouldn't this upset all of these quality goaltenders' fans, as well as all of our misguided visitors who follow the Blackhawks?

Maybe there will be a real small ice rink for Legace Park and they plan on having a mini Zamboni to keep the ice pristine. Would be a good off season occupation for beach patrol cop.

Perhaps they plan on  funding the Park by installing a meter device on the gas log fireplace/fire pit. Could be like a cheap Magic Fingers bed shaker, 5 minutes for $0.50. Local arsonists could keep the fires burning 24/7. Of course would also require monitoring 24/7 by the LFD. 

"The plans include a seating area with a fire-pit to reflect Ludington’s Native American beginnings..."

Funny, I don't remember native Americans installing gas lines to their 'outdoor gas fireplaces' as shown in the diagram.  Nevertheless, I doubt whether they will encourage Ludington's homeless into going downtown in the cold months by allowing mere citizens to be able to turn the gas on, even at a big markup.


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