Spence Riggs at the last city council meeting on July 13 made a proposal to the city leaders to be more inclusive as to where dogs would be allowed on the beach in the city limits.  Currently, there exists a dog beach in a little armpit beach just south of the Loomis Street Boat launch.  Riggs, representing the group Mason County Mutts (MCM), a self-professed "non-profit organization that advocates, rescues and cares for animals within our community", requested that the city allow dogs to legally utilize the beach facilities between the west end of Ludington Avenue and the north breakwall that the lighthouse is on.  Here is a map showing the applicable areas, north is to the left:

This proposal by MCM allows some strict stipulations to apply in this area.  First, the dogs must remain on a leash while in this area.  Second, the owners would be responsible for the clean up of dog waste in the area.  Third, violations of the first two stipulations, and other city laws involving dogs, would be enforced.

MCM would for its part would fund the signage for this dog accessible area and provide a dog waste receptacle.  Furthermore, it would pay for replacement waste bags and do a beach sweep up to two times a month.  The City itself would be responsible for enforcement of the laws and emptying the waste receptacles, when needed; they alone would benefit from the fines received. 

The city manager and the Parks Committee has reviewed the Mason County Mutts proposal over the last two weeks and have come back with a reply where City Manager John Shay has expressed that he 'feels' this use of the beach would be ill-suited for the population overall:

Before proffering the question as to how you feel about a dog beach in that area, I would just like to point out that this area in question for the new dog beach coincides with the area that is to be used for the first phase of the West End Project, the concrete walkway between the breakwall and Ludington Avenue.  If the project ever gets Michigan DNR Trust Fund money coming in to help build it. 

Shay and the Parks Committee obviously know this fact and seem to overlook explaining their desire for this half of a million dollar project and Mr. Riggs simple request may clash.  Seeing dog poop containers, signs, and dogs doing their business on the beach, is not something they want in the limited amount of beach left in that area if the first phase is ever funded.

What is hopeful is that Shay, and by extension the City's Parks Committee, admit that this area of beach is precious to those locals who want quietude and calm waters, something they have turned a deaf ear on during the public's almost unanimous decrying of the project in wanting to keep that area intact and as it is.

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See, that very example Willy shows that person to be a bad dog owner. Doesn't care about sanitation nor good dog manners. Dogs are only as well behaved as the owners let them be, and give their own examples for. Many people don't deserve to own a dog to begin with. 

Your absolutely correct Aquaman. Pets are an extension of their owners and act accordingly. Maybe the Council can approve a "pet diaper" dispenser at the beach and park. What a tourist friendly gesture that would be.

Some of these "Dog Owner's", who claim their dog is like their child is laughable. A dog is a dog!  Yes, a dog is supposedly "Man's Best Friend."  When a dog owner consider's a "dog" as one of their children....WHOA!  

Where all of these ideas stem from....I don't know.  The idea of a "Doggie Beach" is just ridiculous.  Those wanting a "Doggie Beach," need to avail themselves of the numerous places throughout the County where "doggies" are allowed.  

Gee whiz the area is loaded with them, with all the lakes surrounding the Mason County Area.  Some of these folks who are whining about a "Doggie Beach" need to drive the extra mile if they want their "Doggie" to swim.  

Here's an idea..."the doggie park" in Cartier Park could put in a "doggie swimming pool."  

Seriously, are there not far more important issues going on in Ludington, Scottville, Mason County than a place for dog's to swim?  

I agree Jasper.

A doggie swimming pool at Cartier's inaptly named "Central Bark" (which is on the extreme northwest end of the city, no centralization there)?

Well, let's remember that the private group that petitioned for this public property, which was led by Ludington City Planner Joe Moloney, devoted the donated money to reimburse the City DPW in creating the dog park inside our city park without the approval of the city's electors, has cleaned its hands of the dog park, and gave the city full ownership with the honor of maintaining it with our tax dollars. 

So if a pool is put there, the taxpayers will pay to install and maintain it and eventually pay for a doggie pool patrol', because we must enforce all those rules of the dog park and pool.

Here ya go   Drool in the Pool.


See item 9  ...Staff must be present who are trained in canine CPR... Anyone volunteering to do mouth to mouth on a St Bernard?

Why not use the Donald C Baldwin Community Pool. Surely they  could make time for Fido.

LOL shinblind...

Your post is hilariously funny!  


I can't find the information you posted on the link. Could you post item 9. Thanks

9. Staff must be present who are trained in canine CPR, to treat injuries, monitor dog behavior and to recognize hazards, such as dogs in distress


If the link is still faulty try googling up  

 special events dog swims at public swimming pool

will be under IN.gov

shinblind. The link worked. Amazing this would be a requirement.  Thanks

They want a doggy beach so when the dog takes a dump they can just kick some sand over it and don't have to bend over to clean it up. Might work for awhile, then watch where your steppen.

I would like to think our local dog owners would not do this, but I could see a tourist's mind rationalizing: 

"My vacation in Ludington is over for the year when I leave this beach, do I really feel like walking all the way over to that clean-up station and back just to pick up this crap that I won't ever have to worry about again. (shovel shovel)"

And then what do you do when the dog pops a squat in the water to poop or pee, as some will do?  How do you clean that, and when you witness it, do you really want to go out in that water anytime soon?


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