Let us pray... to fill Nick's empty 5th Ward seat with someone that listens to the citizens first.

Is there someone here on the Torch or someone you know, that lives in the 5th Ward, that will step up and apply for the position on the council..?  The city needs someone that will listen to the citizens and fill the position with integrity.  Citizens need to act now.... this is one of the chances to make a change and a difference.

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To my knowledge, and according to city assessing data and ward maps, uber-concerned citizen Tom Tyron lives in the southwest corner of the Fifth Ward (see the red-shirted and suspendered guy in the above picture).  I would like to see him paid for having to attend these meetings.  Mr. Tyron has a habit of speaking his own mind, and using common sense to come to his conclusions.   It would be a refreshing change to the Shay-ford Wives we currently have bobble-heading to the groupthink.

For many years, Tom Tyron served on the Zoning Board of Appeals. I believe he just recently "retired" from his position on the ZBA. Tyron also unsuccessfully ran for City Council in 1986 in the Ward 3. I wonder if he would be interested in serving. Someone should contact him. If not Tom, is there anyone else in Ward 5 that should be encouraged to apply? I'm sure the city councilors will find their own candidates, but perhaps the city residents can solicit and candidate or two, as well.

I can't help but think that a devout Shay-loyalist like Nick Tykoski would not resign unless Shay, Nick's wife, and the rest of the crew had another crony in the wings ready to take his place.  Even so, I would like to see somebody with honor and integrity like Tyron make them earn it both now and in 2018.

Thanks for the ancient history lesson, WW, I did not know he ran back in the 80's.

Damn right X, and that's also going to happen very quickly, like ALL other appointees of recent. But this also intrigues me, Nick is also the current Mayor Pro-tem. That means he's the one that takes over in the event that Mayor Holman can no longer hold office, because of death, mental or physical inability, or anything else. Then WHY resign NOW? That in itself is a very important post on council. Voted on by ALL the COUNCIL Members in advance. I think there is a lot MORE to this resignation that what is public right now. If anyone finds out, let us know. Meanwhile, another "Crony" is going to get this ward seat, because, as far as I know, you can't apply for it simply because you live in the 5th ward and want to apply. The Shyster Shay will recommend someone, as well as Mayor Holman, and that will be the decision, and the fixed agenda will apply as usual imho. Let's see!!!

Thanks, I was hoping I didn't overload the imagery of mastery and servitude. 

If the City of Ludington were an ethical bunch, Nick's resignation really wouldn't change anything with the awarding of contracts with his company (Safety Decals), as his husband Heather is still a city officer and would equally be compelled to announce receiving financial benefits from Nick's good fortune when money is sent their way with the usual unbid 'contract'.

If you live in the 5th Ward you can summit a letter to the city clerk that you are interested.  ...But yes, I'm sure the rest of council has someone in mind already and no matter who applies publicly, they will choose someone inline with their separatist ways.  It needs to end, and I hope the council is aware of that, the citizens are watching.

Shyster Shay, Chief Barnett, & Willie Wilson are appointees, so they care not what people do or think, they get the councils' faith and votes, that's it for them, and they run the show mostly. Let's wait again and see, and mark my words.

Aquaman you forgot Michael Krauch and Les Johnson whom were both initial appointees to the City Commission.

Along with whomever they anoint to fill Nick Tykoski's term they are moving in direction of majority control.

Also Mayor Holman was an appointee filling in for Cox.

Everyone in the Fifth Ward who gives a rats ass what kind of town we have should apply for this position if only to slow down the process of anointing their choice by having a herd of candidates to interview.

Hell everyone in town should apply. Let them sort out where you live.

Tell them you will move to the Fifth Ward if you get the job.

Clerk Deb Luskin announced at tonight's LCC meeting that there were two people who expressed interest in writing for the position, one who called her about it, and one who dropped by city hall to ask about it. 

The end of 'applying' for the position is May 31st, and they voted to hold a special meeting to interview all candidates on 4 PM of June 12th, the day of the next regularly scheduled meeting.  I would like to see a wide variety of candidates apply.  Remember you stand the best chance of making the final cut if you show yourself to be totally devoted to the unsustainable status quo

It is time to stand up and take a chance that the city will be run for the people, not the guests! Happy people make guests come back year after year! Some even move to the area and bring their company which means jobs! Focus should be infrastructure, locals, the rest will snowball into great things! No one wants to go back where the locals treated them rude. This is just the first step, whoever wants to apply will be encouraged also by the local FB pages


Today was the last day to apply for the council seat. Anyone know whom is being considered? Or did only the favorite city pick get in again?


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