Mlive media and TV 9&10 have recently put out a couple of articles dealing with a bunch of Michigan residents heading to Washington DC this weekend to protest Donald Trump's 'unenlightened' position on climate change issues.  As reported in Mlive:

Michigan woman taking part in Climate March says inaction not an op...

ANN ARBOR, MI - Another march in the nation's capital will include a host of Michiganders during the People's Climate March on Saturday, April 29.

Buses will carry activists to the march in Washington, D.C., from Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint and Traverse City, while marches are slated in Michigan in Bay City, Detroit, Ferndale, Holland, Kalamazoo, Marquette, Newaygo and Traverse City...

The march follows last week's March for Science and comes as the Trump administration is debating whether the United States should continue to participate in the 2015 Paris Agreement on limiting global carbon emissions, according to The Associated Press.

"If you look at the urgency of the climate change issue, now has to be the time," said Michigan Environmental Council Communications Director Andy McGlashen, who is attending Saturday's march in Washington. "The evidence is everywhere around us that climate change is happening. Looking at the federal administration, starting with a director of the EPA who denies the basic science of climate change, they're making all kinds of moves that are right out of the fossil fuels playbook."

Traverse City Group Heading To DC For Climate Change Rally

As we approach President Donald Trump's 100th day in office, a group from Traverse is heading to DC to rally.

Around 55 people piled on board to send a message to the administration on climate change.

Other protests have been planned across the nation.

They say that the president’s denial of global warming will cost future generations.

“President Trump has taken steps to roll back on climate protections, and so we are going there and join thousands to call for climate action now,” says Kate Madigan, Michigan Environmental Council.


So these people are interested in showing President Trump and the rest of us skeptical folks the dangers of climate change and how not to leave too big of a carbon footprint.  Let's consider the Traverse City bus and note that the distance between TC and DC is 766 miles, or a 1532 mile round trip.

Greyhounds biggest coaches have a maximum capacity of 50, so if they ride with 55 they may have a problem if they get stopped, but let's presume they run full capacity and that the fully loaded bus of 50 with their luggage has a generous miles per gallon of five under such conditions.  The full trip will use 1532/5 or just over 306 gallons. 

Thus, the 50 passengers will use 306/50 = just over 6 gallons of gas each.  With a relatively fuel efficient car that averages 30 mpg, each person from Traverse City is burning enough fuel to make a trip from TC to Ludington and back, 180 miles riding singly in a car.  If you filled up that car with four people, it would be the same carbon usage for each as a trip from TC to Chicago and back.

If they want to show that they believe the overuse of fossil fuels is the biggest problem facing our planet, then why are these people conspiring with 49 other people of like mind to burn 306 gallons of gasoline or diesel in a needless trip that will only show them to be the hypocritical fools that they are?  Maybe they can charter Al Gore's private jet next time.

At least they are better than the March of Science held last weekend who had a bunch of the same people also go to Washington DC and march around in the name of a 'science' that does not allow scientific opinion to differ on the left's dogma of climate change, aka global warming.  They didn't organize bus rides to the event, so the carbon footprint of that weekend was Sasquatchian in comparison when many of these same people drove from Michigan to Washington in their SUVs.

Yet they didn't face the hardships these climate change charlatans are facing in their bus ride halfway across the country.  The Michigan Climate Action Network reports that "Long distances can be traveled without the need to stay overnight at a hotel (people can sleep on the bus to save money). When a bus was organized from Traverse City, Michigan to Washington DC for the People's Climate March, the trip took 15 hours without stopping overnight at a hotel." 

Is there anything more inviting than travelling 15 hours in a fully packed bus (possibly even overcrowded) with a bunch of people with unknown or questionable hygiene habits?

Perhaps, travelling with those same people for 15 more hours after marching for hours on a hot spring day in Washington DC, without having any sort of bathing facilities available to use during the whole time. 

If you seriously want to march against the evils of man-made global warming, don't be part of the problem by traveling to Washington in a gas-guzzling bus to boost some meaningless march-count figures.  Do it close to home. 

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I've said it before and I'll say it again... climate change is definitely real.... whether or not humans have any effect on the climate though is the question.

So right Dave. But now, we've got the new term "climate change", instead of "global warming", which has been abandoned due to that falsehood also. One in the same, can't be proven, and wastes time and emotion on science which man cannot change. This earth has endured every kind of weather and scientific change for millions of years, and it's still here today. Good analysis too X on the bus ride, I'll bet none of these freaks even gave any of that wasted fuel one thought before boarding, just want to be on TV and seen with the other liberals.

A quick glance at the data shows no correlation between CO2 increases and temperature.

However there is a direct cause and effect between sunspot activity and global temperature.

These misguided zealots  would be better served by paying homage to a deity that fears the sun for they most certainly have their heads hidden where the sun don't shine.


Too Bad the rally wasn't held  in Colorado where it was cancelled do to snow.

The participants in the cancelled rally will of course blame the snow on global warming.

The fact that the climate as well as the entire Earth is in a constant state of change not because of humans but because of the fact that the Earth is still in the creation mode and is alive and evolving. At one time the Great Lakes region was a huge sea of lava [explained at about 20 minutes into the video]. The following video is about the creation of North America and has nothing to do with human activity. Of course the greenie weenies failed to take into consideration the millions of years prior to the existence of humans.

I'd like to thank (sarcasm) these Michigan protesters (and all the others) for ruining other Michigan residents historical and informative trip to DC... The LHS band went to DC to play at the WWII memorial and to see all the great memorials. But their schedule had to be constantly revised, some areas had be changed, and some things had to be eliminated. As the protests were taking over. These kids we're robbed of a truly amazing place and experience. I've had with all these protesters and their expensive, wasteful, and over-rated protests.


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