McDonald's Bakery will continue to operate starting mid-May as "Cops & Doughnuts" of Clare, Mi.. One of 14 old bakeries they now own. Wonder why after four generations they sold out? Anyone know? Will the family continue to run and bake as usual, or are they all retiring?

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They always told my mom when she shopped there how bad they wanted to retire and the kids did not want to keep it going! Glad they finally sold and the legacy, well sort of, will still live on! Ok lets talk of Tamarac and a buyer for it now, lol! A guy can only dream, thanks COL!

That's exactly right jfc123. They have been trying to sell the bakery for years but have found no takers. Not many people want to start their day at 3 in the morning. I'm glad to see it stay in business as a bakery and I hope they keep making my favorite bread.

Agreed, love that bread! Sad things have to change, would love to turn back the clock say some 20-25 years, things were so much better then in that darn city.

Some would like to turn the clock back even further. McDonald's has served Ludington for over 125 years.


One thing's for sure, McDonald's Bakery was a local institution and landmark all my life. There was no place else that my mom would shop for her baked goods usually. And the finest family members and employees you could ever imagine. I just hope the products stay true with the new ownership. Time will tell. Thanks WIlly for that fine 2015 link to Ludington Business of the Year, great article and remembrance.

I recall an event that happened just before Christmas in 2012 where the generosity of the McDonalds' played a large part.  It was just one of those things that you expected from the business; they always would be willing to supply bread and goodies for fire department meetings as a courtesy.  You'd almost always see someone there during odd hours working in the back on the next day's product.

Such generous acts do not go unrewarded in a just world.  I am glad to see they were able to sell the business to folks that want to keep it running as a bakery, it will keep the legacy of their family preserved all that much longer when the two are compared!

Curious. Did McDonald's Bakery ever win that local Business of the Year Award?

I remember they won something, I think it was a well deserved Community Service Award or something like that.

Cops and Doughnuts literally started by the the local cops in Clare who  took over the closing local bakery. They expanded the business well through the years. There doughnuts are good. Never tried anything else they make.

I had a chance to work for them, hard working salt of the earth. Wesco coming in was a big blow and new stores doing own baking. All the kids had to put their time in. They also donated a lot of goods to the community . Use to hang out with some of the boys, we go out at night but they would eventually have to go in  to work and start baking for the morning bread for the stores and restaurants, never complained. Glad they  got the sale and didn't have to close.

 The bakery won business of the year for 2015 in the chamber of commerce annual awards.  This year Cartier Mansion B&B won the honors just over this last weekend.  Is it just me, or do these glorified awards done every year seem rather banal for the most part, and often politically motivated? 

Recognizing a government official Heather "West End Girl" Tykoski as a member of the Future Five, what was that for?  For assisting and looking the other way when Chamber President Kathy MacLean was defrauding the state in rental rehab and façade grant money?  They both should be future five to ten (years) for their corrupt ways.

I can't help but think that Cartier Mansion winning was a brokered deal between Sue Ann Schnitker and the chamber girls so that Sue Ann would not run for Fifth Ward against Councilor Tykoski when she had the chance (remember she ran five years ago).  Is that too outlandish of a thought

I see where long time resident Vic Burwell received the volunteer of the year award too, and from his contributions, well deserved. But take a look at another nominee: only here 8 years and from Chicago, and also nominated, and not a true local. Works on the DDA with Heather, and on Planning Comm. with former leader Tom Coleman, both not good for Lud. imho. (see attachment on Mike Lenich).


Burwell was a good choice.  I reviewed Mike Lenich's record.  As you say he serves on the Planning Commission, and is their liaison with the DDA since 2011.  Nothing indicates in the minutes that he is anything other than a team player for both agencies.  These appointed teams, however, are often playing against you.  

Witness what will be contested at tomorrow's council meeting with the North Washington project that Mitch Bogner wants to install.  I can't say I'm against the project, other than there are environmental concerns at that lot, but when all of the adjacent parcels, business and residential come out against it as they have, I believe that should have more of a say in things rather than a small group of city officials in the PC and city council that wouldn't be directly affected by it, adapting their zoning to a developer's whimsy. 

Thanks on the note of Bogner project.

And from what I recall from a couple years ago, I think the McDonald's property is also contaminated, even though I don't see it on JFC's link for in other discussions.  Hope that doesn't hamper the sale.


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