Is it true the HOF is one of the contributors to the stench in not just the COL but in neighboring townships?? What is hilarious is the HOF is having a several block long ice cream pig eating contest to make record breaking history. Beyond the pale of Comedy Central. HOF is allegedly creating the fog awful stench from over usage of the waste water treatment plant, but is sponsoring this all out pig dinner is sorts. LMAO!! Absolutely Pure Ludington. Ice cream filtrate do with air and gas out!!

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Damn spell check...oh well you get the "drift."

I would caution you when you say that the House of Flavors is contributing to the stench in PM Township and Ludington.  While it is true that their wastes are higher in volume and in BOD than what the average Ludington sewer user, I would dare say that would be the case around my household after an evening of fine dining out at the local Taco Bell.  And whereas any Ludington sewer user could all be said to be contributors to the stench, there is really only one entity to blame for the stench, the City of Ludington whose neglect of the WWTP over the years is astounding from what I hear. 

So as always, listen to John Shay as if he has a forked tongue.  The problem is not a spike in BOD from the House of Favors, the hospital, or any other business or residence, the problem is the continued lack of leadership with our city-run utility and their desire to keep their neglect secret rather than deal with it. 

As near as can be determined the House Of Flavors is responsible for up to 25% of the Biochemical Oxygen Demand of the Wastewater Treatment Plant on a daily basis.

Normally this isn't an issue. That would amount to an additional 2000 residents. Summertime load is higher than that. But in both the Spring and Fall as the sewage lagoons turn over with the temperatures the stench rises to the surface. It can be abated with the proper operation of the plant. Either the operators of the plant were incompetent in this matter or they received a directive telling them not to operate the plant in a manner that would minimize this matter.

 I find it strange that in other years this wasn't as issue, but now that it is time to upgrade the facility and prove that repairs are needed, that the stench suddenly is allowed to emanate from the plant.

Ultimately  it is the City Manager's responsibility.  "The stench stays here." That would make a good plaque for John Shay's desk.

Apologises to President Truman.

That is a good point shinblind. HOF uses the waste water system just like any other customer and it's up to those in control of the treatment of that waste to live up to their responsibility to insure that the treatment process works efficiently without  negatively affecting  people who live near the treatment plant. The people that run a system that has been around for as long as Ludington's  should know exactly what and when any negative reactions may manifest themselves. If this latest development was a surprise then those people who are running the operation have been woefully neglectful in carrying out the duties they were hired to perform. I think a revaluation of their job performance should be conducted ASAP.

Love this thought and post, also our issue after a scrumptious Taco Bell meal! That darn WWTP. If even the MDEQ says it is bad it must be bad. 5 years without a discharge permit, wonder why? Because your failed COL governance could not figure how to correct the issues. They have one now as they say but if a storm hits it will likely fail AGAIN and AGIAN!

Its time to pay the people who have been damaged! It will only get worse if not acted on soon!

This is way more important to the health and well being of all in Ludington. Look at the DNR current charts and see how the water flows, specially in the summer, right to your drinking water intake! Pure Ludington, Pure Michigan!

We locals don't call it the House of Favors for nothing, they get more tax and environment breaks than any other business in the history of Ludington. Same goes for the COL when it comes to "bending and breaking the Michigan Law". Can anyone imagine what the consequences of such an ordeal would be if the WWTP were privately owned and operated? That MDNR would be down on us to shut this operation down without a current permit and fine the Hell out of us until we came into compliance. People like Shyster Shay just collect their $125K/yr. paycheck and look the other way, because he too can walk on water, and never be wrong on anything.

For those unaware of the ice cream eating record breaking event the House of Flavors is sponsoring in June.


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