Wouldn't something like this be  better use for the West End of Ludington Avenue than the current Scheme to turn it into a fudgie plaza?


Wouldn't the taxpayers of Ludington be better served by installing a floating water park than plodding along with with the 15 year old plan to develop the West End and the other plan to construct a "free" splash pad.

it seems like a great location. 

The cost would be minimal.

It is not permanent if it doesn"t pan out.

The water there is shallow and warms up quickly.

It is protected from large waves and undertow.

It would  be require minimal infrastructure costs.

It could fee based without the hassle of charging for parking like the Stearns Park fiasco.

It would not be a permanent eyesore like the kayak plan.

It could be rented out off hours for parties or adult fun, nothing like a beer tent and waterpark.

Did I mention it would probably make money.

No something like this would have the potential to be an asset to the city  without being dragging down the local taxpayer.

And yes it might be feasible in other locations, the clearcut at Copeyon Park or PM bayou if it is ever cleaned up.

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Good find and idea shinblind. Too bad it appears to be too late now for better ideas to be adopted. Thanks.

I would add to your points that a portable water pump could be put in the water and cascade water over any part of the water park; think of a fireboat that can draw up water from the lake and use it to put out coastal and boat fires used at a smaller scale and pressure.

There would be added fun of being splashed by water and absolutely no city water or sewer costs, just the cost in energy to run the pump when needed.  I like the idea, and your marketing of it, shinblind.

I don't want any development taking place at the end of Ludington Ave. The floating water park is a nice idea but not there. The dunes and beach area would be trampled down in no time if such a splash pad would be constructed due to the heavy foot traffic. The waters there are not all that calm. That area gets good size waves when the wind is blowing into the harbor.

No Willy as much as you or I would like to see the West End left alone that is not going to happen.

I was looking forward to seeing if there are any alternatives rather than permanently turning it into a fudgie plaza that will be about as beneficial as snow fence to local residents.

The advantage of  a floating water park is that it is removable.

The cost is minimal.

And be it the kayak park eyesore or a floating water park there will be days when the wind will limit its function. But most days during the 8 weeks of summer it will be operational.

And as far as the dune being trample to death judging from Silver Lake, Sleeping Bear or our own State Park I see little evidence of that happening.

No Willy the choice unfortunately is not between status quo  and the fudgie plaza. It instead is between the fudgie plaza and some less invasive alternative.

We should be open to exploring other avenues  for the Avenue rather than adhering to a dated 15 years old plan that was poorly conceived in the first place.  

Recall from the April 6th meeting after I implored him to comment on the clear-cutting, John Shay passed the buck of the Mashacre at Copeyon Park to the head of the DPW, Joe Stickney, by claiming Joe had come to him claiming there were these seventeen trees, all ashes but one, that needed to come down in Copeyon for the public's safety as they were badly diseased/infested. 

People took pictures of once-healthy trees being harvested that day, contradicting the DPW superintendent's alleged assertion to the slick city manager.  Stickney gave his year end report at last meeting but failed to broach the subject; in his defense it was never brought up by the public or officials.  I hope to get a better answer in the future.  

The best area for the kayak launch is the one the State thought best, the crotch area between Ludington Municipal Marina and Harbor View Marina. 

The infrastructure is already there. All you need is a floating dock with handicap access and storage lockers The Lockers could be worked into the landscape on the various strips between parking lots. It is closer to restaurants and the downtown area although farther away from motels.

The disadvantage is that the Marina's would have to share their exclusive facilities with the kayakers and their 50' flagpole.

Actually I don't see a kayak launch getting a lot of use other than locals. The distance to travel between cities on this kayak trail  is at the physical limits of the average kayaker. But as a location to explore the bluffs south of town would have some attraction.

I think the best area is at Water/Madison. Sheltered area with ample parking across a street that is not that busy. There is already a launch there suitable for small boats like this and we would consider the city to be able to use this through a suitable lease agreement with us. Close to the new 4th ward market also! We need tourists as far from the pier in a kayak as possible, Miss Lake Michigan is a ruthless woman!!!

No matter what is installed at the West end as long at it attracts more people than just beachgoers, wave watchers and sunset watchers, improvements will always follow. Does anyone honestly believe that if a float park, wavepool or any other sort of amusements are installed that they would not be followed by concrete walks, changing rooms, toilets, concession stands, etc? Turning the West end into an amusement area is not the answer. As far as dune destruction, the only thing holding the existing dunes there is the dune grass. When that is trampled, so goes the sand after the first wind. We are talking about a speck of land at the west end compared to the Silver Lake dunes. Taking a stand other than no development will only encourage development.

The reason the west end has to remain totally undeveloped can be demonstrated by the following images.

The image below represents the raw beach and surf at the west end. As the lake water rises the beach area becomes smaller. In it's natural state the sand and dunes maintain a balance that is regulated by the action of the water and surf. The water front was intended to be a beach and remain so when it was donated to the City.

The next image clearly shows what must be done to the beach area if any development takes place. This image is of the area south of the boat launch parking lot. The stones are needed to break the wave action and protect the sidewalk and lawn area from washing away. If any development is done to the north side of the boat launch the same protection will be necessary in order to protect it. We will absolutely lose the beach. No question about it.

I think jfc's idea for an alternate location was much more reasonable, and safe. Thanks Willy for the pics. that surely depict what is in store for the west end. It's a travesty that this area will be lost to locals forever, and the fudgies will now take over there. Only an outsider big city type could imagine and promote this farce.

Ludington doesn't need a damn thing! If you are too blind to see the most beautiful beach in the world then go home!


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