In case you didn't catch it live, here is a link to the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump:

What are your impressions, points, and feelings about it?

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 I thought the split screen view was distracting and real bullshit. The Trump side was cramped, the Clinton side was framed correctly. I gave up watching when the moderator started asking specific questions to Trump and generic  questions to Clinton.

I will read the transcripts along with fact checking and give a more complete answer later. 

I was working so didn't see any of it... I'm sure I'll hear all the details though by morning

Couldn't stand to watch.  These are our choices...?  What does the world think of them..?  Russia, Iran, and ISIS must like seeing them...

Tried to watch morning reports.... Too much bias on the typical media. (of course, not surprised)

Will try to read into reports from left and right standard news.

Then maybe try other sources.

I never watched The Apprentice and never made a FOIA request for any of Hilary's E-mails, so I had to catch the big event to get caught up.  The main things I noted was that Hillary's health seemed to be OK, and that Donald never used one of his signature tag lines (like "Crooked Hillary') and seldom segued his answers away from the topic, much to the dismay of his supporters.   

I could withstand the partisanship of the debate, but the partisanship of the spinners on both sides thereafter telling us how well their candidate did and how the other struggled, is a bit too much for me.  That's one reason why I wanted to pose this 'national' issue here, because you can't get an unspun answer from the pundits and much of the media.

I didn't watch. I've already made up my mind. What is still amazing is that half the Country still sees Clinton as a viable candidate for President.

I did notice that Hillary was reading notes or some one was supplying her with what to say on a tablet.. Maybe sending her more E-Mails. Trump truly wasn't prepared . At least I find myself just smart as I have never paid federal taxes either. All legal deductions within the tax code .

Trump didn't need to prepare as well as a serial liar and crook, he's himself mostly. He was also advised to NOT attack her so much, just mention her general faults, and there are many. Generally, he got the tougher questions, while Killary got the generic softball questions. If you focused at all on her answers, her eyes were blinking constantly to stay awake, probably because she was heavily medicated. Her picture afterward also revealed a back/body brace was obviously strapped around her heavily covered by her large jacket. Killary also stated she had the stamina Trump has talked about. Part of her answer was that she endured 11 hours of Senate hearings about her thousands of illegal emails, more proofs of her stamina to outsmart and outlie anyone else in the same predicament. The ONLY media agreeing she won the debate was the usual outlet, CNN.

The problem is that many Americans know very little about Clinton's many bouts delving into illegal and unethical behavior because they get their information from the likes of CNN and CNBC. I know some very intelligent people who are voting for Clinton because of the lies and misinformation being spewed about Trump by the progressive media. I try to tell them to listen to conservative talk radio programs so they will be able to hear the truth about what is really going on. As far as I'm concerned the press has been almost treasonous in trying to sabotage conservatives. They are exactly like the old USSR news agency Tass.

I think Jimmy should "chine-in" on other threads too, since he's an expert on most, and also I noticed he's on this forum 24/7 right now, okay?  Thanks JSIII for your new spy, it's not complicated either, lol.

Donald Trump seems to be learning and getting more texture as these debates progress, while Hillary seems to be getting more repetitive and dull, in my opinion.  If you viewed it, what did you think of tonight's third debate?

It was boring for about 25 minutes, then the Trump machine got going. Trump on ALL the Important issues. But  hillary did sound convinixing, from some concepts. But we ALL KNOW!

Best moderated debate so far. Wallace did a good job. Therefore making an easier debate to watch. ....I was still of course "raising" my voice to my disagreement for certain statements by Hillary and the media afterwords. I also spent time trying to educate my kids on what was really being said by both candidates and how it can effect them. I'm still not sold on Trump, however he did much better.


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