Ludington’s lakeshore vista is unmarked by meters and pay booths, but if a Ludington City Council park committee discussion moves forward, though, that could be no more.

The idea — which councilors say is still in early stages — was first discussed at a park committee meeting last month. It has yet to be introduced during a city council meeting.

“It’s still in the formative stages,” said City Councilor Dick Rathsack. “One of those things we’ve been thinking about is, we have a lot of visitors that utilize facilities in Ludington, and they really don’t contribute anything as far as the cost to maintain those areas.”

City Councilor Brandy Henderson says it would allow City of Ludington residents to continue to park for free — something they already pay for through city taxes. Non-Ludington Mason County residents and visitors to the area would be required to pay.

Mike Krauch, head of the parks committee, said this is just an idea to increase revenue.

“There’s a lot of things you’d like to do, but you need the revenue,” he said. “It was brainstorming, which committee meetings are for."

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How bad can it get???

I bet John Shay has this committed to memory.

Shay might even have a shrine in his home dedicated to his copy of Municipal Revenue.

Once a City saddles its residents with enough debt say the upcoming cost of the WWTP-WTP, the City Orwellian Counsel will claim for your own good that because quarterly billing is onerous on the populace, that it will switch to monthly billing.

And once you are charged by the month they can tack on fees, streetlight assessment fees, sidewalk utility fees, stormwater drainage fees, rental inspection fees oops we already got that one, development impact fees, waste, service fees and fines based on income. Why I bet John Shay gets a stiffy just thinking about what he has in store for you. 

You don't have to be Nostradamus to know what your future holds. 

All you have to be is aware.

And be willing not to accept it.

That is some crazy government-growing stuff.  It's not what this country is about, it's the communism that we held the line against for many years during the Cold War.  Kids and puerile adults that go into local politics are getting taught this stuff, as if it will bring a great society.  It never works.


First is the DNR points sheet that the city used for applying for the DNR grant for the destruction of the West End project within the "Stearns Park Recreational Area".  It shows that the city got points for the the Stearns park being fee free!!

Second is the complete grant package that the city sent the DNR.  Included within that is lots of information on the West End project and the rest of the Stearns "improvements".  Including the illusive canoe rack. 

It also has the Stearns Park original deed... hard to read as it is poorly photocopied and is in cursive writing.

maybe attached now....

(second file I'll have to breakdown)


Thanks a lot for the scoresheet, Brad, congratulations on getting it.  I would have loved to battle more against this project this last year, but I had a stupid council campaign to run, and my opposition to this plan is well documented. 

One of the things that struck me when reading the scoresheet was that they received a significant amount of points for their being two government agencies involved in making sure this worked, however, as noted in the last March meeting in 2016 by John Shay, the public was informed that due to the trailhead concerns, they were taking the walkway portion out, and therefore there was only one entity involved. 

I noticed they also got full points for public support.  WOW, how many people have to sign petitions and speak at council meetings against the project to cut into this score.  With a vote made by knowledgeable electors of the city, this would go down by at least a 70% to 30% margin.

Second part... 1 of 2


... 2 of 2...


Apparently this isn't going over so well with many citizens, Rob over at MCP offered his view on the subject....

Rob's editorial is inconsistent on a couple of things.  He does mention that to get a balanced budget the city has to either raise more revenues or cut spending, but he later says roughly the same thing but instead of saying cutting expenses, he instead says 'cutting services'.  The city could cut a lot of money without cutting services.  Cut fringe benefits across the board down to a very competitive 40%, from the 70% you now have for most city employees, and you have plenty of extra money to work with.  Quit adding useless programs that cost money and add nothing to our public service.

And one of those potential useless programs is the proposed beach parking kiosks.  No new public service, just an attempt to grow local government that will cost more money than it makes.  Rob fails to provide the public with that tidbit, possibly because he is part of the oppressive Scottville city government who are also looking for ways to raise money.

Good catch on Rob's editorial X. The "cutting services" comment is a dead giveaway as to his political leanings. It"s liberal tactic used to scare people into keeping their tax money flowing. Have you heard that liberal Democrats are changing the phrase Government regulations to Government protections so the public will think all of the burdensome rules that govern our every move is seen as necessary and good.

When politicians start using syllogisms like the oxymoron "government protections" to stand for government rules/regulations, you know they're not being straight with you.  One thing I notice about Rob Alway editorials (that is when he labels his articles as such) is that they almost always express a non-controversial opinion and a progressive bias.  Parking meters is bad, MSUE moving away from Scottville is bad, etc.  They are worth reading though, because few other public officials actually let you into their line of thinking.

Brad, have you got the file on the Justice Stearns gift to the city yet of Stearns Park? Wondered what exactly it says and how contractual it is. I tried opening a couple you posted already to no success. Also whom the local attorney is now, thanks.


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